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    In a time where war, chaos, and blood rules we have been summoned to do what we do best.. Let the ground flow red with the blood of our enemies and may we meet a glorious end in battle..

    We are the Q'Thulu Dragons a pvp/pve guild who serve a darker role on this world with a group of mature clan mates who strive to strike fear in friends and foe alike..

    We seek other like minded men, women and allies who enjoy working as a team, in all parts of the game from crafting, exploring and  also hear the call of death and battle in their blood and strive to conquer all under the banner of the Q'Thulu Dragons..

~Quote: Guild Founder Kenjuro


539664957_Inactive, Jul 10, 08 6:35 PM.
Q'Thulu Dragons will be merging with Sealed in Blood and the Betrayed. This will create the Guild “Trinity”. Everyone is welcome to come over, same family ,same people. More people, Bigger Guild city and more. Ask Lucia or Keyafay for invites.

Vistrix Downed

539664957_Inactive, Jul 3, 08 11:07 AM.
DRAGON DOWN!!!!!! Congratulations on Downing Vistrix. Q'Thulu Dragons one of the few in the raid alliance if Epoch downed Vistrix for the first time. Good job guys!!!!


Guild City Update

539664957_Inactive, Jul 3, 08 10:43 AM.
Congratulations on our Tear2 Keep. We are currently working on our Tear2 Trade Post. Keep Up the good work. The only way we are able to make our city full Tear three is if everyone pitches in. Please Check the Guild Message of the day to know what we need most of.


539664957_Inactive, Jun 15, 08 5:07 PM.
Easy gank... Enjoy!

Weaponsmith Workshop
Thieves' Guild

539664957_Inactive, Jun 7, 08 9:58 PM.
    1-2-3, in less than 24 hours we build 3 buildings. At the current rate we will have the hole city build in less than one more week.
Guild Barrbarics Weaponsmith Workshop
Thieves' Guild

Guild Library

539664957_Inactive, Jun 6, 08 11:27 AM.
    With in less of a day we built the Library. We are building the city fast. Hoping everyone will pitch in and continue to make our city grow. "Goal is to get a full T1 city and walls with in less than 30 days" - Quote Keyafay

Guild Library

Guild Temple

539664957_Inactive, Jun 6, 08 11:23 AM.
    The Guild Temple is built, We are hoping that the buildings get fixed so that we might get the benefits from our buildings. With around 25 active members we could be considered the smallest guild with the biggest city. The temple is supposed to give defence to all schools of magic, being on a PvP server, we would like that.
Guild Temple

Guild Trade Post

539664957_Inactive, May 28, 08 6:46 PM.
    We now have our Town Gate and Guild Trade Post. From our great achievement, The Q'Thulu Dragons have only one question... Where the fuck is our NPC's??? Oh well, we will be pressing to get the outer walls now made for protection.

Good Job everyone involved.
Guild Traid Post

Guild Keep

539176501_Inactive, May 25, 08 12:01 AM.
     We have made the guild keep for a second time. After the first one failed, everyone got together and pitched in for our own Guild Keep.

Congratulations Everyone!!!!!

When the keep was done we met our neighbors across the land (Legacy of Acheron) in a peaceful greeting with promise of a alliance in view. With them being a role play guild and how we have a role play aspect also in play, things are looking promising.
Guild Keep
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۩ Sealed in Blood
۩ Wolves of Valhalla
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