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The Dark Serenity is looking for a few good Toons to join our merry band of Players in our Quest to Explore All that WoW has to offer.
If you are a Matured Player that likes to help others and looking for a Drama free place to hang your hat and relax. Then you have found a Home. 8)

Guild Vault Robbers/Drama Fill People need not Apply!!
Just in-game Message a Dark Serenity Member to put you in touch with a Officer .
Other Guild News

Kara Breach

deathmaster, Aug 16, 08 8:20 AM.
On August 15th 2008 Our Guild Dark Serenity with Help from a few Friends Step Foot into Karazhan. We Did Battle with the 1st 3 Bosses and drop them on the 1st try and the Opera of  Romulo and Julianne they kicked our Butts in round 1 . but we came back and performed a Prefect K.O in round 2. YAH!!!!
I am Proud to say that we have prove to those that thought we were down and burning that they were wrong and That Dark Serenity is Here to Stay and Moving Forward.
Death Master - Guild Leader

Guild Update

deathmaster, Apr 23, 08 10:31 AM.
We're Still here kicking and screaming are way back.. Dark Serenity is here to stay and we are on the hunt for More Members to join us in the Near Future. The Goal is to start Working toward getting us into Kara and beyond but still hold on as a family Guild.. So wish us Luck and see you in game Soon.

deathmaster, Apr 7, 08 6:44 AM.
Dark Serenity is in the Process of Rebuilding the Guild. ATM we are looking for People Lvl 35+ to Add to the Roster. Our Goal is to Get to 40 Active Members so that we will be able to start raiding Karazhan in the Next 2 months. I will be working on the Website redoing a Few things in the coming days.

Member Setup

539559072_Inactive, Mar 13, 08 6:45 AM.
Well we are now Rdy to Go 8)
in order to get Register  and Add to the Site your going to have to do a couple of things real fast.. For some reason the new user button is not working properly so 1st thing 1st. Goto
and register from the Main Webpage by clicking on New Account in the top right Hand Corner or the Screen.

Once you have done this you'll then come back to the Guild Website and login. At the Very top you will see the icon with an Arrow on each side -> Join Dark Serenity <- Just click on it and send me a Msg with you In-Game Username and i will get you Validated ASAP.

Armory Backup

deathmaster, Mar 5, 08 6:56 AM.
Well the Armory is Backup again and Working.

Guild Armory

deathmaster, Mar 4, 08 3:20 PM.
Well just Noticed that the Guild Armory is not Working.. This seems to be a Problem that Guild Portal is having requesting the information from Blizzards Website. So we just have to wait until GP fixes the problem and get it back up and working..

Raid Schedule

539559072_Inactive, Mar 4, 08 1:47 PM.
Just a small note to help you navigate your way to date and time's of raids. In order for guild members to be informed all at once raids will be posted in the Members Only forum from now on. Please check it frequently so you know what is going on.

Helping Others 101

539559072_Inactive, Mar 2, 08 6:58 PM.
In order to further the guild and our expertise. Please post whatever you feel may be helpfull to others in the same class as you on our forums page. Thank You Kraaul

Chat Server

deathmaster, Mar 2, 08 6:19 PM.
The Heck with it.. 8) We Now have a Ventrilo server for Guild Use now that is up and running strong.. Get register on the Site to get the Info from the Forums for Access.

Dark Serenity Has a New Address!

System, Mar 1, 08 3:32 AM.
Dark Serenity has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!
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