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News Archives
(read)Goodbye my friends: Next Gen has officialy closed down
(read)Look what I found!
(read)Champions Anniversary
(read)New ingame event: Fatal Error!
(read)Flag Speed: Free travel power unlock for the week around the 4th of july
(read)A plea for help: Stand with Summer
(read)Meetings are back to wednesdays at nine!
(read)Dayrunner's death
(read)Happy Birthday Dekotora
(read)Another forum reconstruction
(read)The treasure chest has been opened
(read)Lemurian Invasion: The Bleak Harbinger
(read)Power armor, cyborgs and technokinetics
(read)House party this wednesday
(read)SG Meetings have been moved from wednesdays to thursdays
(read)Walls of Text!
(read)New mutants
(read)State of the supergroup
(read)Double XP Weekend!
(read)Even in the deepest darkness there is light
(read)The beginning of the end
(read)Save COH: The last call to action
(read)Champions beginners guides
(read)Next Gen vs the Serpent Lantern
(read)SG Meetings wednesdays at 9
(read)Rebuilding the forums
(read)DJ Shecky arrives in Millinium City!
(read)Champions Online: Techweaver's Teamup
(read)Numerous potential buyers?
(read)Vote for the future
(read)The reality dysfunction: Our LAST stand in COH
(read)Next Gen takes it to the stars
(read)Heroes assembled!
(read)Positron's Ally! A Sace COH event!
(read)Write a letter to NCSoft
(read)Save Paragon City
(read)Double XP Weekend!
(read)Welcome Terra Lyn
(read)Water Blast is gushing your Way!
(read)Graduation 2012
(read)The return of Galaxyan
(read)Freebie Friday!
(read)New powersets on the horizon!
(read)Combat classes
(read)Double XP weekend!
(read)Meeting on wednesday the 14
(read)Isssue 22: Death Incarnate
(read)Fridy: Who will die?! Part 3 of 7
(read)Friday: Who will die?! Part 2 of 7
(read)"Who will die?" This time we go nuclear!
(read)The witching hour: "Who will die?" with a gory take
(read)Paragon Patriot Issue 4
(read)Taskforce of the dead
(read)Merry christmas everyone!
(read)Issuse 2X: Convergence or Media Blitz?
(read)New base areas
(read)Dark days ahead
(read)Paragon Patriot Issue 3
(read)Paragon Patriot Issue 2
(read)The Genesis Journal
(read)The Paragon Patriot 1
(read)Yes we are enoying I21 so far, thank you very much
(read)City of Heroes: Freedom!
(read)Double XP Weekend!
(read)Behold the Paragon Market!
(read)Power Set Proliferation - 3.0
(read)NEW INCARNATES PETS! oh, and moar incarnate shtuffs
(read)The new Steampunk Pack is available
(read)War with Praetoria!
(read)Next Gen Portrait
(read)I20 has launched!
(read)Issue 20, the Incarnates
(read)Running Wild! the Animal Pack is released
(read)Next Gen radio ad!
(read)I19: Alpha Strike!
(read)A common origin
(read)Alpha Strike
(read)I 19 about to hit?
(read)Site and Base Revamp
(read)Issue 19: Alpha strike!
(read)Exeria rising
(read)Going Rogue is live!
(read)Issue 18: Shades of grey
(read)Officer spotlight: Tania Dayrunner
(read)Commander Dayrunner has returned
(read)Johnny Hornet wins the competition for best custom uniform!
(read)Shades of grey
(read)Mutant Booster pack!
(read)Event: Evolution Rising
(read)Next Gen saves the world
(read)Spin Off
(read)Event: "Sa'Rosha's Tournament"
(read)NCSoft Trademarks City of Heroes 2
(read)Issue 17 information
(read)Lightnyng Rescued!
(read)Double XP Weekend Surivors Thread
(read)Once again it's time to DING!
(read)Dual Pistols avaialble now!
(read)I17: Dark Mirror
(read)Going Rogue: Ultra Mode
(read)Going Rogue: The deal!
(read)Catching up: Fade to..'s Mutant of the Week: Cosmic Cavalier!
(read)I 17 announced!
(read)A secret society: Purgatio Reborn!
(read)Catching up: Fade To's Mutant of the week: Masquerading Facade!
(read)Next Gen Mission Teams
(read)Fade to..'s Mutant of the Week!
(read)Manticore Task Force for the WIN!
(read)Event: The P.S.I.C.O.N. Incident
(read)Next Gens very own wikki
(read)Purgatio Updated
(read)Checkmate Chapter2: Open War!
(read) I 16 Patchnotes revealed!
(read)Member Spotlight: Torchflame
(read)New Champions Online section on the boards
(read)COH Loyalty awards and Going Rogue Beat timline
(read)I 16: Custom Powers
(read)Next Gen Unlimited
(read)Next Gen VS Reichsman
(read)Preview: Vanguard X
(read)Member Spotlight: Lisa Deing
(read)High school drama and giant robots!
(read)Open forum RP Storyline
(read)Cosmic Resurrection
(read)Around the Watercooler: May
(read)Jerome Norde’s message
(read)City of Heroes is going rogue!
(read)Vote for the Next Gen Baby!
(read)NCSoft threatens players
(read)Member Spotlight: Psioni Cub
(read)I14: The mission architect is life
(read)Requiem: Aftermath
(read)New message warning on the forums still broken!
(read)Event: Requiem
(read)Around the Watercooler
(read)Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!
(read)Did anyone get the Licenseplate of that truck?
(read)Purgatio in Chaos!
(read)Wave of account thievery
(read)Coalition with FLAG
(read)The Valentines Day Event is live!
(read)Sins of the Father - part 1
(read)Rise of a horseman: Flipside!
(read)Class: Ethic of heroism
(read)Double XP Weekend: Aftemath
(read)Lady Grey Task Force!
(read)Double XP Weekend!
(read)I survived the holidays party
(read)Task Force Friday!
(read)Around the Watercooler
(read)Where in the World
(read)Captain Mako!
(read)Happy new year everyone
(read)Merry Christmas!
(read)Praetorian Next Gen
(read)Countdown to FATE!
(read)"The Falcons Eye" Tonight!
(read)Event: A heroes homecoming
(read)Task Force Friday
(read)Vrigil Tarkoss Strike Force
(read)Virgil Tarikoss Strike Force
(read)Coalition Negotiations
(read)Around the Watercooler Update
(read)Story of the month August Winner!
(read)Story of the month polls
(read)Citadel Taskforce!
(read)EVENT: "Changes"
(read)Coming soon
(read)The Sister Psyche Sunday Team
(read)The Cleansing is here
(read)Synapse Sunday!
(read)Task Force: Angel
(read)Next Gen nemesis VG
(read)Preview: Purgatio
(read)Story of the month: July
(read)Event: Hostile Takeover
(read)Around the Watercooler...
(read)Double XP Weekend!
(read)Sweet Revenge
(read)Dressed to Kill
(read)Headhunter Update
(read)Event: Headhunter!
(read)Member Spotlight: Nuclear-Girl
(read)Coalitions and Villains
(read)Welcome to all the new members
(read)Next Gen on Virtueverse
(read)More teleporters for the Fortress
(read)meet Dragon Daughter
(read)Meet Moodswinger, Reflection and Inferno Char
(read)welcome to Next Gen Flarelight
(read)Welcome Twillight!
(read)More telepads!
(read)welcome Gengoyle!
(read)Base Construction has begun

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