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         TOROG TONG

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" 'Na nata wa ko muishi shengo deh zezumeh ka', hai? Fugotojenbu 'Tietsu diao dai ju shemeh' shengo. Susomotiki ko nonemu ba adowa hakatamizu selai modetsu onomi keh higatsu deh, neh? Ie. Zeretkinami ka wo detsu seh shimba te. Zeretkinami iomo fujomoso hebazka kai. Zeretkinami limu neh gono kai tsizu sasatawa tsing bao. Zeretkinami jho deh Torog Tong."

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" 'Beware the salesman with too many teeth' is a wise saying, yes? Wiser still is this 'A prudent ruler hides arrows in his robes.' He is foolish for keeping his enemies closer than his friends, no? No. We are the arrows in the ruler's robes. We are the hidden dragons and crouching tigers in his folds. We are the twilight between Yin and Yang. We are the hands and eyes of the Torog Tong."

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