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Welcome to Blood Ångels.  New guild on Daggerspine server.  We host 50+ level 70 PvPers.

Members:  Please actively check calendar for upcoming events.

Guests:  Pst Stenmaniak if you're interested.
Other Guild News

NEw High Score for Alterac Valley

Stenmaniak, Jul 20, 08 12:54 AM.
Blood Ångels swept AV last week with a 672-21 victory.  This is the highest bonus honor given out so far for a BÅ premade.  We hope to smash this record in the coming weeks!

Blood Ångels are back!

Stenmaniak, Jul 20, 08 12:51 AM.
Spread the word and bring your friends.  We are back!!

Blood Ångels led undefeated Premade AV Thursday, prior to AV weekend

Stenmaniak, Mar 14, 08 12:31 AM.
Blood Ångels led an AV premade hosting our killer defense on Thursday the 13th.  Among the Blood Ångels were roughly 15-20 other people from Daggerspine that assisted on offense. 

The first AV of that night was a victory, but only mustered just over 500 bonus honor.  The 2nd round made about 580.  The last two were the most fantastic, however.  We defeated the allies for 647-20 (allies got their wing commander honor), and then followed up with 647-0.  This is an exact tie to the Blood Ångels alltime high record AV win.  Picture to follow.

Blood Angels receive highest bonus honor from AV yet

Stenmaniak, Mar 8, 08 12:29 PM.
The other day, a preformed group of Blood Ångels wiped the Allies clean inside Alterac Valley and received the most bonus honor to date.  Total bonus honor received was 647-0.  Image for proof:
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Blood Angels kill Ironforge King

Stenmaniak, Mar 8, 08 12:25 PM.
Sunday, March 2nd 2008:  Blood Ångels organized a raid involving 50+ people.  Raid was targetting the Ironforge King, Magni Bronzebeard.  Raid was very successfull.  The king was killed in under 7 minutes of entering Ironforge.  For a video of the raid please follow this link:

Congrats, and next up is High Lord Bolvar from Stormwind!
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