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A Dark Age of Camelot (TM) Guild on the Tristan Server in the realm of Albion.
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RVR Prizes for People Showing Outstanding Performance

Deleted User, Mar 9, 03 10:54 AM.
I'm working on a plan atm to stimulate more of what I've been seeing lately in our RvR efforts.  We've done an awesome job this last week on RvR.  We're Still #1 on the realm and I want to keep it that way.  We have gained 1.2 Million rps this week and everyone who has helped in these efforts are greatly appreciated.
Remember gang .. we're a family now.  It really feels like home to me especially and I'm so proud to be your leader.  I'm so glad we're able to be making all of these guild groups in RvR now and having a ton of fun.
Here's what I'd like to see us do while we're forming groups.  I would like to have around 3-4 guildies per group.  This makes sure that if we do not have a say speed in 1 group .. that will allow us to grab someone who is not a guildie that can provide that basic need so we can perform better.  Or for instance , if we do not have a healer for 1 group ... that is an essential role for a group and we would have to look outside the guild for a person to join us.  These types of mentalities are what really makes for good rvr. So as long as we can follow the basic guidelines of trying to form guild groups consisting of at least 3-4 people we will be doing awesome. Since i usually bring my sorcerer and my cleric to rvr my groups are very self sufficient and can usually hold a full guild group.
Now .. on to better stuff.  Rewards for excellence in RvR will be given out at Guild Meetings every 2 weeks.  I'll be keeping track of who has excelled over the last 2 weeks and helping to provide them with rewards.
I'm still working on this so it'll be a little bit before I have everything planned out. What i'm thinking about is now just a single reward but like the Oscars have a few different categories which myself and my officers will talk about.  I'll list a few of my ideas and we'll talk about them later and see what u guys think.
1) TOP RVR RPS LEADER FOR THE LAST 2 WEEKS ... this will be a combined number starting on a sunday and i'll be watching it and finding out who is actually the winner here.
2) If anyone reaches 150K in a single week .... a prize will be distributed.
and so forth .. probably 1 or 2 more maybe .. depending.
Prizes will start out in the beginning to be monetary or gold prizes.  I'm thinking anywhere from 400-500 gold for 1) and like 300 gold for 2) .. Like I said we'll have to discuss this more.

Crafter Pricing

Deleted User, Mar 9, 03 10:53 AM.
Hi Guys -
Here's a little information so that you can be better prepared for when you are making wise decisions about buying armor.  Here is the formula for finding out how much it MIGHT cost to make armor or weapons.
OC = Original Cost
OC + ( 49 * ( OC / 4 ) ) = anything that is 100%
OC + (  6 * ( OC / 4 ) ) = anything that is 99%
OC + (  5 *  ( OC / 4 ) ) = anything that is 98% etc...
base cost of regal robe af 51 lvl 51 is 104g 24s
104.24 + (49 * ( 104.24/4) ) = 1,318.18 Gold
(***NOTE***)  This is a random quality generator.  Meaning, the price could be LOWER or HIGHER.  Myself, I keep track of how many tries it takes and change the number to be multiplied by accordingly.  If it takes me 89 tries on a 100% then I change the 49 in the formula to a 89 to get the correct price.
- Holin

New Movies Added to Images Section

Deleted User, Dec 18, 02 11:46 AM.
Hail all, I have added links on the Images Section to two DAoC movies that we've found that are GREAT!! Check them out and leave comments here on what you think!! I wonder how the heck they piece all those screenshots together to form a movie (seems impossible), and if not screenshots, then how the HECK do they do it?? Also, there seems to be lots of restrictions on the site (one example is maximum 4 news articles, 1 poll and 4 events) if it is not sponsored or registered. Anyone feel like donating?? :) It's $30 for 6 months of ad-free browsing (and extended site features). I think there is links at the top of the page if anyone is interested. Have a great day, Croth

New Images Tab Added

Deleted User, Dec 15, 02 2:01 PM.
Ok, instead of having the screenshots way at the bottom of the home page (that could potentially become long), I have created a new "Images" tab. All the screenshots can be viewed there. You can get information HERE on how to upload your screenshots. Croth (Hush/Zaltin)

New Maps of SI Added

Deleted User, Dec 15, 02 10:09 AM.
Thanks to Holin for taking some photos of his SI strategy guide for those of us who haven't had the chance to purchase it ourselves yet. I have posted them all in the Screenshots section at the bottom of this page. Croth (Hush/Zaltin)
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