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 What are we all about ?

 Stormwalkers is currently a small adult Guild with lots of activity on the Seradon server.  The members here enjoy everything Telon has to offer, and most of all like to have fun with each other in a casual 'go at your own speed' atmosphere. 

Groups form to help achieve the questing or crafting goals of a member, spend some time adventuring with others we meet in the game... or just bash some stuff because they're looking at us funny.

 We are advancing nicely, and after hosting a successful pickup group key raid for first-timers on Seradon - APW raiding and the Griffon quest are in our thoughts.  Meanwhile, we are always happy to help new players establish themselves, and see all Vanguard has to offer. 

Our only rule is simple : Have fun, and no crazy drama please.. we're all here to get along and cooperate.

 If this sounds appealing to you, send a mail or /tell in-game to Vesna (Guild Leader), Caerunnos, or Thoradim and we'll arrange to meet with you and answer any questions.

If you'd like to jump right to the Guild application, look up to the top of your screen ( between the red arrows ) - and you'll see the Join StormWalkers link.  That will bring you to the Guildportal membership/Guild application page.  If it gives you any guff - try using mozilla firefox...we're still trying to work out the Internet Explorer issues with Guildportal tech support.  
All Welcome !
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