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Knights of the Southern Cross
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Knights is working on becoming a casual based guild. We have an affiliate guild on another server known as Black Dragons. Our players share their time between guilds depending on numbers and availabilities.
All classes welcome but we are a low activity guild. Knights is approaching the 64th level and have almost all the worthwhile amenities.

Commited to equiping and outfitting our players with crafted equipment. All tradeskill classes catered for. Assistance required with Tradeskill Epics can be arranged and organised.

We are a place for people to bring their Alts from their main guilds, to complete HQ's at lower levels that high teir guilds no longer run. We are not a place to 'park' toons. Inactive toons of over one month without an explanation will be removed. There is an expectation of a donation into Guild Bank #4, but it is only 1plat per week, per toon. This allows us to pay Upkeep, buy up status items, harvest materials and fuels to give to our crafters. This is not used for personal gain, only for benefit of the Guild.

                                                                                         ***LATEST NEWS AND INFO - updated 1st of June 2011***

New posts can be found in General discussion forums. Info about status, guild level, recruitment and adornments can be found within the various topics. there is also a Guild Hall decorating competition!

Please remember to post ideas, comments, thoughts or recommendations.

Recruitment is low, check your forums for more info. Recruitment for Black Dragons now priority!

See you ingame soon.

Guild Leader/s: Sessalafein/Vaieln
Deputy Guild Leader: Dodge
Raid Leaders: Alessia


Game Update #60 The Children of War

Struck3xbylight, May 31, 11 11:16 PM.
This is the second half of the Destiny of Velious expansion and continues the Swords of Destiny timeline known as the End of Days. The Soulfire sword and the Qeynos claymore have bene drained of their powers in the Sentinel's Fate, and in Destiny of Velious it is up to you to restore them to power. Ratonga have become a neutral race and can now start in good aligned cities. PvP updates are numerous, but not going to post here as PvP is not what Knights is about.

Enormous changes to tradeskilling, as well as questlines adding in adornment materials such as shards have been implemented. new gear, new zones, new loot, new enemies and of course more spaces to explore on your flying mount. It is only a matter of time before new mount styles other than griffons are introduced, so make sure you have earned yours in the Great Divide by doing the five day questlines to unlock flight.

For now, those missing the joyous ability of flight, you can pick one up for free from the Station Marketplace, of which you can have only one of at a time and must replace it from the Marketplace (/marketplace) each time you die to reclaim your ability to least until you have earned your own griffon mount courtesy of the Goahmari. There is five repeatable quests to do for the Goahmari before the goatmen allow you to start the Rookery training, but once you have done all five (an hour, two at most) then you can start training your baby griffawn. Each day you can do one quest (18 hours in between each) until the five griffawn quests are done and your baby Griffawn is ready to fly. It's well worth the extra effort, and old overland zones become easy and swift to travel around. Absolutely brilliant for getting old quests done and that extra few AA.

In Children of War, the forces of Rallos Zek are on the move. now is the time to embrace your destiny and fulfil your obligations. Norrath is counting on you!

Mythical Weapons: Transferring the soul of your weapon into your soul!

Struck3xbylight, Feb 4, 09 4:26 AM.
Sentinel's Fate began the series of events that transfered your mythical weapons abilities to a spell for your character. The quest series for this is relatively easy, but does require a little ingenuity to complete. The Fabled part of your Mythical weapon is all you need to start the quest and it begins in the Tenebrous Tangle. Beside the Spires, is an NPC, who has no feather above his head but stands close to the right hand side of the wall at the spire entrance. Speaking with him he will congratulate you on your achievements and recommend you to go see the sages in Lavastorm. (Please note, there is no quest given from this point, and the quest will not give an update until you speak to the TT NPC then go to Lavastorm docks) Once at Lavastorm, the Shrine of Thunder right there on the docks houses the NPC you need to start the Fiery Jewell of the Underfoot.

This questline is not hard to do, and can be done solo by any class. (I soloed it on my Defiler, so if he can do it anyone can, cos he is GIMP). The completion of this quest leads you to Epic Repercussions, the final stage of pouring the mythical ability from your weapon into yourself. While some updates can be soloed, it is best to grab a group of battle hardened warriors to help you achieve your task.

The weapons of Destiny of Velious are far superior to the previous RoK Mythicals. While you may wish to hold onto the myth weapon until you get a DoV weapon, chances are more legendary weapon drops will surpass the Mythical. That said, you do get a Trophy of your RoK mythical to place in your home or guild hall, an Enervated version of your myth and then the spells for your hotbar. Its a pretty sweet deal and makes a huge difference.

Black Dragons, our affiliate guild on Antonia_Bayle, run regular updates for all members of the guild.

T1 Guild Hall Competition and prizes. dare you decorate?

Struck3xbylight, Feb 4, 09 4:19 AM.
Hi Guild,

The Guild Hall is in need of some work. Black Dragons, our affiliate guild on Antonia_Bayle has had some decorating work done, but is in need of some tender loving care. The gardens in the tradeskill room, which normally give our dedicated crafters a tranquil place to relax in while they work hard at their craft, have begun to get a little overgrown. the lawns need a trim and the weeds pulling out. Anyone feel like some gardening?

Tiles need lining up and a definate space set that allows crafters operating at the same time easier access to the writ and fuel merchants. If there are any carpenters willing to lend their expertise their assistance would be appreciated/

Now, those pesky creatures known to us Dark Elves as Gnomes are a forgetful bunch, especially when excited about some new sparkly gadget. The ones who built our guild hall got a little too excited when some sparkly motes of dust wandered past their vision and forgot to properly decorate the bottom basement of the Guild hall. I just received word from my moonlight merchants and city festival coordinators that a shipment of tiles, trees, shrubs and plants have arrived. Have you got an eye for detail and a passion for creating a truly unique hall? New ideas are appreciated, we want a guild look to separate us from all the others so ideas are welcomed. 

A challenge has been issued, and a little bit of a competition. Those wanting to participate are welcome to leave their name and ideas. The best ideas (decided by the Officers, with final word from the Guild Leader) will receive 50 platinum coins to use to decorate the ghall. Items needed to decorate may be donated or supplied by those willing to donate and all donations appreciated. Upon completion, the winner of the competition will receive a further 50 platinum coins for their hard work and dedication.


Guild hall rooms must NOT be laggy.
No wandering pets other than those that offer bonuses. for example, the Burynai digger pet, or the carnivorous plant.
Rooms must not be cluttered. They should be easy to move around and clear to see where things are, especially NPC's and clickable equipment.
Do not exceed the guild hall item limit or use expanders to make it larger. 
Travel items, such as bells, spires, druid portals, housing portal...any form of travel must remain in ONE room. Travelling Norrath should be fun and quick, not an ordeal.
Consider a limit of 400 items. This limit can be exceeded if the item limit allows it and the ideas are exceptional. (tiny items are still considered as 1 item, an aquarium with 20 pets in it will quickly use up your item limit) and aquariums have been done to death on most servers. An aviary or apiary though...hmm, well, I look forward to some ideas!
 If you exceed the first 50 plat, expenditures are from your own pocket. Sorry, but there is no more coin available unless people are willing to donate. The 50 plat for purchases is a budget, and just like RL, budgets need to be adhered to. Special consideration for exceptional ideas/pieces of equipment.

Otherwise, have fun and the sky is the limit. NB: the sky is made of 50 plat. additional respect and awesomeness granted if you stay under budget.

Guild Address and Facebook webpage, Updates on Antonia_Bayle and Black Dragons.

System, Jan 22, 09 7:24 AM.
                  The domain name below has been shelved as I am no longer paying for a guildportal account. As Facebook has ait's very own direct interfac that is free of charge, paying for this website is pointless. That said, updates here are easier and faster to use, and reach more people over various media forms, from Facebook to MSN, to ICQ and gmail.

(Knights of the Southern Cross has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address! Feel free to +Fav to your bookmarks or favorites page.)

We also have a Facebook webpage, as most people use Facebook on a more regular basis, sign up to see when a new post has been made. Mailing updates may be sent from this page with reminders on when and where events may be. For newcomers to guild and to Facebook, enter to search for the KoTSC Facebook group. The Facebook webpage also includes our affiliate, Black Dragons and entry is via invitation. Simply search Black Dragons, or KotSC on Facebook to get started. Alternatively, hit up with Knights@Facebook in the subject and I'll get you sorted asap.
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