New Tadpole!
Dec 16, 09 9:38 PM
Post your own Pics!
Apr 25, 09 11:06 AM
Apr 15, 09 12:29 AM
Jul 2, 08 2:51 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Feb 19, 08 3:58 PM
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Welcome to the Third Foundation of Ro website!

Silverevie/Seidonka Has Defiant Armor. Need some? Just ask. She may have just What you need.

Kratash Has Rank II Spells, Songs, and Tomes in storage. Feel Free to ask him if he has that special something your looking for.

TO ALL: Please you /role instead of /anon. 

TO OFFICERS: Please remember to add if a toon is the Main or an Alt after doing a guild invite. 


-Mr. Norrath (Kannak)

New Tadpole!

Kannak, Dec 16, 09 9:38 PM.
Good news! I'm gonna be a DADDY!!!! I can't wait to teach the new tadpole how to put on its first set of armor.... hehe... 

Post your own Pics!

Kannak, Apr 25, 09 11:06 AM.
Hi Everyone! I have made an email account designed especially for anyone who wishes to contact me or add their own pics to the website!  Send all mail to: and I will be sure to check it and upload pics as often as i can. I can't wait to see your awsome pics!

NOTE: Please remember there are children in the guild. Thanks

-Mr. Norrath (Kannak)


Kannak, Apr 15, 09 12:29 AM.
The Drive for Void E is on!!!!

There will be raids occuring every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7pm Eastern. This will be an ongoing event that will not be placed on the calander. For more information, please ask Silverevie, Slurpentine, or Tanu on the day of the raid for more information.

Thaink you,

-Mr. Norrath (Kannak)


Seidhkona, Jul 2, 08 2:51 PM.

Some raiding rules and tips:

Everyone raiding should be familiar with these potions.

 Distillate of Celestial Healing,
 Distillate of Alacrity (haste),
 Distillate of Clarity (mana regen),
 Distillate of Skinspikes (damage shield),
 Cloudy Potion (Invisibility),
 Philter of the Ant (shrink),
 Philter of Undead Awareness (Invisibility vs undead),and
 Philter of Major Translocation (gate).

You MUST listen to the raid leader.  The survival of the raid depends on it.

Tanu will loot for the raid.  Looting of No trade items will be decided as soon as possible.  Other loot will be rolled on when time permits or after raid.

Group leaders must have HoTT.

Be careful where you sit.  Sitting gains agro.  Sitting on a horse gains agro.

Absoutely no one should have "Fear Mob" up.  It is never used in a raid.

Main Tank (MT): MT tags the mob and gets agro and calls for assistance.

Healing: No healing on puller(s) on incoming.

             Clerics heal MT.

             Shamans, druids, paladins, etc. heal others or cleric will rez when time and situation permits.

Melee classes: No taunt,

                      Use /assist on MT,and

                      Never engage unless called to assist.

Casters (DPS): Stay in area designated for casters,and

                        No heavy DD until you are sure you won't take agro.

Casters (other): Stay in area designated for casters,and

                         Always use /assist.

Pet classes: Don't send in pet until mob is in camp and MT has gained agro, and

                  You should have pet hold.  If not, get rid of pet when told to do so.

Puller: Puller pulls mob, using a technique to limit the number of mobs in the pull.

          Pullers have fd or fade and has a good chance of surviving the pull.

          Clerics do not heal at this point.  If puller dies, cleric will rez when time and situation permits.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539196934_Inactive, Feb 19, 08 3:58 PM.
Hey all! This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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