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We Are Open For Business!
Sep 21, 11 7:55 PM
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Ghost Hound is a High-Tech Private Security Firm based out of Manhattan, New York. We specialize in high profile security and retrieval jobs.  Our motto is Peace Through Superior Fire Power. As a client you can be assured that if we are hired for your security needs we will provide the best and most tactically sound security plan on the market. Our operatives are highly trained and highly professional.

Whether it is guarding VIP, a rare priceless object, or retrieving a stolen asset, Ghost Hound Security will provide the best service money can buy. Ghost Hound also features sanitation services such as cleansing mainframes from hackers, worms, malware, or any other condition that you believe our sanitation specialists can aid you with.

Ghost Hound Operations also deals in R&D. We have labs that are on the forefront of military weapons and armor development. Our R&D department also deals in pharmaceutical research and the next generation prosthetics.

Remember When You Have a Security Risk Hire Ghost Hound.

-Peace Through Superior Firepower-

We are a Cyberpunk themed Heavy Roleplaying Illuminati Cabal on The Secret World, who have been established since New Years 2008 on City of Villains.

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Cyberpunk Radio    

Broadtcast Live from New Mexico weekly, this station is run by a personal friend of Wraith

The largest and most diverse collection of Cyberpunk, Industrial and Electronic Music on the web


We Are Open For Business!

Cyber Wraith, Sep 21, 11 7:55 PM.
The website is now TSW ready!
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