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Feb 20, 08 2:01 PM
Welcome to Demented!!!
We are a guild made mostly of Real Life friends that are just trying to enjoy the World of Warcraft.  We are currently openly recruiting anyone and everyone and really want to start getting into end game content before the expansion.  Many of our members enjoy battlegrounds, we have multiple arena teams, and we are willing to do premades.

Everyone please check the forums often, you never know when something interesting or semi-important may be in there.  Check them especially after you register and are given membership because there are some threads that can only be viewed by members and officers.

After registering please let me know in game so i can make sure to grant your membership.

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537737268_Inactive, Feb 20, 08 2:01 PM.
Hey guys...the Links panel off to the right >>>> have a bunch of useful links.  There are direct links to the WoW community site, the WoW atlas, Curse gaming which is a good place to find different addons, Ventrilo if you haven't gotten it yet, Image shack which is a good place to upload pics if you want to put them on the website if you can't upload them straight here, dkpsigs is a signature generator that makes the pictures you'll see in the forums, and also to Allakhazam and Wowhead where you can find anything you need to know about WoW.  Be sure to take advantage of these things...I think they'll be really helpful.
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