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Guild TeamSpeak Server

These are simplified instructions for accessing the Honored Souls of Norrath Team Speak server


Teamspeak is a voice communication software for using in games that allow raids, guilds etc to communicate using voice rather than typing. 


I will lay this out in simplified steps to make it easy to connect to the team speak server


  1. Go to the Teamspeak website and download Teamspeak or you can go directly here
  2. Install TeamSpeak
  3. Launch Teamspeak
  4. Before we connect we want to map a key to turn the microphone on and off so that you will not always be on voice. ( You should only turn mic on when you want to say something in the voice channel )
  5. Select Settings on the tool menu at top then select Key Settings
  6. This will open a window you then click add
  7. In the action window you want to select Toogle, then select Mute Microphone on the window next to it
  8. Once you have done this click the set button then a message will pop up that will ask you to select a key.  I recommend pressing the DELETE  key as it has no effect in SWG and wont affect your typing in SWG if you use it to turn on and off the mic, you can choose any key for this operation or remap in game keys to work better for you.
  9. Ok you have configured your mic on and off button now we are ready to connect.
  10. Click on Connection at the top menu and select connect
  11. Then when window opens right click on server and select add server
  12. In the window next to it place the following information exactly as you see it here:
    Label: HSON
    Server Address (exactly as shown): (This means sever IP: and Port number: 9569
    Nickname: < Name of tmain toon>
    Make sure you leave allow server to assign nickname unchecked and check the Anonymous box.
    Server Password : You can get this from any officer or guild member.
  13. Once you have done this log click connect and you will receive a message you have connected.
  14. You can now turn your mic on and off with your DELETE key. Each time you turn your mic on and off you will hear a message telling you of the change even in game. If you flood the server by turning your mic on and off over and over again you will be kicked from the server and it bans your IP for 5 minutes.
  15. Enjoy the Super Nova Teamspeak  Server if you have any questions send Nulry a email on the guild website or a tell in game

Working on instructions for using mic push and hold as well.

Please no swearing or inappropriate remarks on the Teamspeak server, any violations will result in kicking and banning from Teamspeak server and it will be treated as a Guild Chat violation

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