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Great Warriors of Justice Defense
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Great Warriors


Justice Defense

"To defend is one thing, but when it is for the justice of all, then that's when it is supreme."

Welcome all to the website for The Super Group known as The Great Warriors of Justice Defense. We are a new SG, very small right now, but we intend on expanding to be one of the larger SG's in the Champion Server. We are very active, playing atleast every night, except during some hoildays and if there is a major emergency. Here are some basic outlines of your SG.

  1. We are located in the eastern time zone of the united states, so that is when you will most likely find us playing.
  2. We are a Super Group that doesn't have a theme or roleplay as of right now, we are just looking for some semi-serious gamers that are looking to have fun and be apart of something special.
  3. We have an age requirement; We are looking for individuals who are older then the age of 16, seeing as we can be a tad vulgar and more adultish at times. If you are under the age of 16, then I'm sorry, tough luck. Unless you can prove to us that you are mature enough, then you will go under review of our Higher ups.
  4. Our group has a no tolerance to harassing policy. We can understand teasing and having a good joke, but if you take it to far, then discipline will have to be issued.
  5. Everyone is allowed TWO alt heroes at any one time. Trimming of alts will be done as according to rank.
  6. To be apart of this SG, you must register with Guild Portal to participate in forum discussions, and keep up on current events.
  7. When an event is deemed as mandatory, we highly suggest you make it. If you can't, we can be understanding, but abuse the policy, and your out.
  8. We plan on being an active group, so we will have a 15 day in-active policy.

To find out more about policies, rules, events, and viewing the roster, please consult the rest of our threads, as the info will be readily available, and thank you for considering The Great Warriors of Justice Defense.

And so begins the legacy...

539521779_Inactive, Feb 13, 08 11:10 PM.
So, the website is up and running. I am always doing work on it to get it all up and ready for actual SG recruiting and advertising. I am planning on working on a logo and all that good stuff. probably in the next month or so it should be all up and functional, ready to kick some bad guy butt.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539521779_Inactive, Feb 13, 08 9:26 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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