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Forgotten Crusaders
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-To Forgotten Crusaders!!!
If you are intested in joining Our ranks do /who Forgotten Crusaders ingame and any member will sign you up!

We would like to thank you for taking the time to register! You have taken an important step toward making our guild to become one of the best, if not THE BEST, on our server.
If our guild members will continue to just put forth a little effort the guild will continue to evolve to great things. 

Forgotten Crusaders was founded in January of 2008.

If the Guild is to achieve the success it desires, it will need to realize that this Cannot be Accomplished by any ONE individual but by MANY people working together as a Guild Family.

This is what we are trying to accomplish as Forgotten Crusaders.

I. Have Fun: Self explanatory

II. Recruitment: The guild should have ongoing recruitment, people will leave it is normal, things happen, this can be regulated however i.e. class, and level requirements.

III. Leveling: New expansions generally mean new items. A lot of expansion material is designed for high end players. The more level 70s and later 80s we have the more we will be able to accomplish.

IV. Equipment: Through raiding etc, we hope to give our guild members as much opportunity to loot Blue or better gear. Guilds are meant to be a source of help for players and a chance to get better equipment. Ideally, when a person loots something someone else might want he could offer it to a guild mate, free, for a trade, or at a discounted price, also the item can be Donated to the guild bank.

V. Events/Raids/DungeonRuns/Pvp: Events etc, can be planned or unplanned. Ideally, we would have a few people in charge of organizing these events. In reality any Member that sees the potential for a group/guild type raid should seize the opportunity. Promotions could be given to those that ran these events, and/or participated. As much as possible every weekend should be considered guild raid day and players should form groups and raid level appropriate content.

-REMEMBER that our guild is another tool to help you level/gain honor(PvP)/gain loot/have another place to socialize and hang out, don’t always wait for the Guild Master or Officer to put an event together take it upon yourself to set a run up.

Have Fun and Thank You!!!(Remember to Post!)
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