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Malicious Intent
News summary
Mar 6, 08 12:25 AM
Another boss bites the dust
Mar 3, 08 6:54 PM
Malicious Intent snapping at the heels
Feb 26, 08 7:33 AM
Malicious Intent Rulez OK!?
Feb 17, 08 6:06 PM
The Eye Assaulted
Feb 14, 08 3:05 AM
Malicious Intent is a World of Warcraft raiding guild on the Defias Brotherhood (EU) server.  Our primary objective is to be a home for good humoured players of a mature temperament and age, and provide fun, competent raid progression.  We observe RP policies and communicate in English only.
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News summary

539502721_Inactive, Mar 6, 08 12:25 AM.
Last night we took down the first four bosses in SSC, leaving just Fathom Lord Karathess and Lady Vashj, both of which we plan to attempt on Saturday.  Make sure you there there, this is the biggest challenge yet!

In showbiz news, Junzim is still shooting the character spots for the next movie. Maejima, Eviscero, Leanne, Paddington, Zurkha and  Briggen all done.  New movie will be out soon so don't miss out the chance of featuring in it.  You snooze, you lose!

Our prot warrior main tank is now level 61.  The plan is to be ready for Karazhan at the next reset, get some crafted epics, and tank in  SSC/Eye a few days later.  We also have Myrah looking good as our new shadowpriest, and Windsok getting ready to reinvent himself as an Elemental Shaman.

It's all happening!

Another boss bites the dust

539502721_Inactive, Mar 3, 08 6:54 PM.
Despite only having 17 signups in the early evening, we scrounged together a team for SSC.  Morogrim went down on the first attempt and then we headed for Leotheras, our first visit.  The first attempt went to 2%.  The second went to 1%  The third attempt to 4%.  The fourth to 3%.... just kidding. On the fourth attempt Leo bit the dust to become another shrunken skull on the totem pole.  Well done to all involved and a big thanks to those who filled in for us at the last minute.

Malicious Intent snapping at the heels

539502721_Inactive, Feb 26, 08 7:33 AM.
Thanks to Agona re-queuing MI at WowJutsu, most of our recent kills have been registered and we are now rated 19th overall on Defias, and 11th Horde side.  On Wednesday we go back into the Serpentshrine Cavern to continue clearing our way toward Vashj.

Malicious Intent Rulez OK!?

539502721_Inactive, Feb 17, 08 6:06 PM.
Wowjutsu ranks Malicious Intent as 29th overall on Defias Brotherhood, and 15th on Horde side.  We are now officially the fastest progressing Horde guild on DB and we're just getting started!

The next progress raid is Wednesday.  We are assaulting the Eye once more with a view to taking down A'lar as well.  So far Malicious Intent has never failed their target on a planned progress raid, how will Wednesday pan out?

Since there is potential for a new boss kill, Junzim will be frapsing, so signup and be there to make it into the next "Malicious Intent fucks the Burning Crusade" movie!

The Eye Assaulted

539502721_Inactive, Feb 14, 08 3:05 AM.
On Wednesday 13th February, Malicious Intent made their first visit to The Eye.  The targets were Astromancer Solarian and Void Reaver.  There is not much to say other than both were downed on the first attempt.  The Movie will be on the forums shortly courtesy of Junzim.
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