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Jan'alai Dead
Aug 5, 08 3:11 PM
Three down, Three more to go!
Jun 30, 08 9:05 PM
ZA first attempt
Jun 25, 08 12:06 AM
Karazhan cleared
Jun 24, 08 11:33 PM
CI > Malchezaar
May 2, 08 8:51 AM
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Welcome to the Chaos Incarnate guild site!
We are a small casual horde guild on the Arygos server, who have cleared Karazhan and have begun our first ZA attempts.
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Jan'alai Dead

skitzo79, Aug 5, 08 3:11 PM.
Another one bites the dust!  DragonHawk is toast, Gratz CI

Three down, Three more to go!

skitzo79, Jun 30, 08 9:05 PM.
Tonight we were in a brawl, and tonight we were victorious!  Lynx boss dead, Skitzo is re-specing Shockadin.

ZA first attempt

skitzo79, Jun 25, 08 12:06 AM.
Our first night in ZA and we beat the bear boss, Durax stole his Shoes

After a few try's we beat the stuffing out of the chicken boss, then BBQ'ed his ass

Karazhan cleared

skitzo79, Jun 24, 08 11:33 PM.
Congratz to all!!! Great job, pass the loot.

CI > Malchezaar

Alexhunting, May 2, 08 8:51 AM.
After 1/2 dozen brilliant Ark plans and a whole lot of running in and out on Shadow Nova, Malchezaar the Prince has Fallen before the Power of CI.

Then for a break we decided to stop in and 1 shot that goat boy in the library.

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