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Feb 17, 08 12:36 PM
Instance runs
Feb 6, 08 6:03 PM
Low instance Runs
Feb 3, 08 12:11 PM
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Hello to all crusaders! I hope you like this site because it is all ours! From now on you will see all upcoming events and new news on here. You can also add suggestions by mailing Earthweaver a letter in the game and he will try to make it happen! Enjoy!
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539172782_Inactive, Feb 17, 08 12:36 PM.
Attention one and all! There has been a change in leadership from Aratix to his alternative character, Zanu.  No info on the length of this switch yet but I will keep you posted.  Mail Earthweaver or Zanu with any of your questions or concerns. Happy playing!

Instance runs

539229321_Inactive, Feb 6, 08 6:03 PM.
First off, welcome to the site! If you havent already, please make an accout- its free for anyone cool (anyone in this guild is cool) ok jk its free anyway hehe.
Next click the join crusaders of the Storm (our nicname is cotS(lol cots) and i want every member to join. Ok, now to the real news- instancing, we all love it and we all need it at some point whether its for gear quests or just XP. I LOVE instances but theres one problem, its hard as crap to get a group unless its a PuG or theres a tank, healer and three dps in the queue so you can just throw a group together. This guild is so posed to be for making groups for instances and always having someone your level to quest with, which is good, right now most of you are are 5 levels within 10 (high or low) and 13 is where you should get a group for RFC so, at first ill give you guys run at as low as level 8 when we get more people, you'll rely on them and not me. I have some alts in the 20's that could help you( a healer and two DPS.) so, lets get out there and level!

Low instance Runs

539172782_Inactive, Feb 3, 08 12:11 PM.
Earthweaver and Aratix will be conducting runs on weekend mornings for loww level people.  If you need a run don't hesitate to ask us. We will be happy to help!
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