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Honor of Thieves
Update Thursday: Spore is coming!
Feb 14, 08 3:39 PM
Darkfall Pics
Feb 14, 08 3:38 PM
Blizzard's New MMO
Feb 14, 08 3:38 PM
Comic Monday
Feb 14, 08 3:38 PM
Darkfall Journal 23
Jan 28, 08 1:25 PM
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Welcome wanderers to the Honor
of Thieves Guild Hall!

You have found the guild hall of fellow honorable Nobles hired to act as protection to the surrounding lands. We have banned together to fight for freedom, justice and a little money. Join us in the epic adventure to fight for what is right.

Though our name does not say it, we are Nobles of high status--but we have been down cast by the last Ruler and given the title of Thieves.

We are friends from the North looking to expand our Kingdom and become a great a legend in history. Become a soldier and fight with us in many situations.
1. You will start out as a soldier which will give you protection by the rest of the guild.
2. You then can gain rank and become a captain leading our forces in battle.
3. If you are really productive and talented you may become one of the few Kings and lead along side the greatest warriors of time.

--We fight for the little guys...unless the price is better on the other side.
--We are Guilded brothers, we do not fight amongst each other.
--We are not common Thieves, we are Robin Hoods of new and have been given the title by the new King of our home town.
--We still do the dirty work, though it is for a good cause.
--We help out fellow brothers in needs and fight together to win.

Come fight with us for Honor. If thou decides to fight along side and gain Honor click here!
We are a jack-of-all trades guild and would like you to join. We are trying to create a universal guild in-which friends can fight together every where!
You can find us in:
Guild Wars
-World of Warcraft
-Team Fortress 2
-Warhammer: Age of Reckoning
-Age of Conan

Thank You,
King Samurai Monjiro
Other Guild News

Update Thursday: Spore is coming!

539382062_Inactive, Feb 14, 08 3:39 PM.
Feb 12 Spore, from the game-makers of Sim City and Sims, has posted the release date. They say it will begin to show at stores on the weekend of September 7.

If you have not heard of Spore check it out, i believe it will be a very well rounded game and bring in a lot of characteristics of game-mechanics i have been so patiently waiting for.

Darkfall Pics

539382062_Inactive, Feb 14, 08 3:38 PM.
Here are some Darkfall pics check them out

Blizzard's New MMO

539382062_Inactive, Feb 14, 08 3:38 PM.
Blizzard, creators of Starcraft, Warcraft and WOW have said they are coming out with an online MMO , its rumored to be about Starcraft. This looks interesting so we will see.

Starcraft II is coming out later this year.

Comic Monday

539382062_Inactive, Feb 14, 08 3:38 PM.

Darkfall Journal 23

539382062_Inactive, Jan 28, 08 1:25 PM.
The new Darkfall journal is out! Check it out here!
If you have not been reading the posts you should, they are usually a great read and they give you ideas to think about.
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