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Goodbye to the One That Started Them All

cannonballv, May 23, 13 12:46 AM.


 As everyone must have heard by now, City of Heroes will be shutting down on Nov 30th 2012. In 2004, when a friend of mine told me there was a superhero based game coming out, that was an MMO and you had to pay monthly for...I told him he was out of his mind if he thought I was going to pay someone a monthly fee to play a stupid game. Guess I was out of my mind. I got into the beta and was hooked. I played daily and religiously, sometimes to an unhealthy degree, but I was in love with the game. Of course it took me some time to learn how to play this type of game because I was FPS all the way. Not only did I pay monthly, but I paid monthly for nearly 7 years.
 I made many friends that came and went throughout the years and many who I am still in contact today. Once Champions was released I could not ignore my draw to it. Champions offered me two things that CoH did not, familiarity, because I played the Champions pen/paper game and a fairly reasonable, one time lifetime membership fee which CoH never offered. I spent a LOT more than the Champions lifetime fee in CoH...and it was a smarter, more economic choice for me to make the move. I did not cancel my CoH sub at first and played another paid year. Once CoH was free to play, my migration was complete. Now I could play either game as much as I wanted, if I wanted and when I wanted...without paying out anymore money to either.
 It was a shock to me to hear the news...I instantly logged out of Champions and logged into CoH to see if it were true. In just a few hours of the anouncement, I noticed that the servers were inflamed with mixed feelings over Global chat. Some with unsatisfactory comments and anger, others with goodbyes and sadness. I could not find any of my CoH friends online until a couple days later. At this time, the servers had already starting to show a lack of support and players. Many of my favorite servers were like ghost towns with the criminals running loose and no one to stop them.
   Although I was no longer a daily CoH player, I still thought of it as home...I had created a HUGE base with the help of one of the most amazing supergroups I could ever ask to be a part of, which I have never found its equal since. I liked going into CoH now and then to check up on the remaining friends Ive made over the years, or run a few of the new missions and archs or just go fiddle around in the base creator. After Novemeber, if I feel the need to log into the game that started ALL superhero MMOs, my home game, it will not be there.

 Farewell City of Heroes, City of Villains and Paragon. It was a fun ride.


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