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Read carefully.

IF u sign up any raid
For example
All know  that we must have 3 healer 2 tank and 5 dps like 1 warlock 1 mage 1 roque bla bla ...

i know all members wanna come instance's  but if i see 15 sing in i will choose players

Dont become sad
We can go 2 time in a week so we have good members..

Now Shut up and listen =)))

There is a problemmo now
First u will have boring 15 min


Download them


PLS download from www.curse.com

*Deadly Boss mod                               
*CT Raid                                           
*Nature Enemy Cast Bar
*Omen threat

Ventrilo Rules and Conditions.



1.     Please use in game character name only.

2.     Phonetic must be the same as your character name only.

3.     Do not enter instance channels etc unless you are on that particular run or have been invited into the channel.  Whisper in game before entering a channel if you are not on that run so as not to offend or cause any angst.

4.     Chit Chat is for chatting only please utilize the other channels as that is why they are there.  If you have an idea for another channel please let me know and I will create one if it is needed/required.

5.     No bad language or racial comments will be allowed and may incur a vent ban and possible guild expulsion.

6.     Vent is to be used by Guild Members ONLY unless otherwise permitted by myself and also for World of Warcraft only.




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