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539305280_Inactive, Jan 25, 08 7:28 PM.
we have duckie bank,gcal,team speak

The guild has
Jan 25, 08 7:28 PM




The Forming of the Scourge With Kel'Thuzad's success in Lordaeron, the Lich King made the final preparations for his assault against the human civilization. Placing his plague energies into a number of portable artifacts called plague cauldrons, Ner'zhul ordered Kel'Thuzad to transport the cauldrons to Lordaeron where they would be hidden within various cult-controlled villages. The cauldrons, protected by the loyal cultists, would then act as plague generators, sending the plague seeping out across the unsuspecting farmlands and cities of northern Lordaeron.

The Lich King's plan worked perfectly. Many of Lordaeron's northern villages were contaminated almost immediately, just as in Northrend, the citizens who contracted the plague died and arose as the Lich King's willing slaves. The cultists under Kel'Thuzad were eager to die and be raised again in their dark lord's service. They exulted in the prospect of immortality through being undead. As the plague spread, more and more feral zombies arose in the northlands. Kel'Thuzad looked upon the Lich King's growing army and named it the Scourge - for soon, it would march upon the gates of Lordaeron... and scour humanity from the face of the world.

An Heir Apparent

Though the Dread Lords were pleased that Ner'zhul's true mission had finally begun, the Lich King himself brooded within the tight, shadowy confines of the Frozen Throne. Despite his vast psychic powers and his complete dominion over the undead, he longed to be free of his icy prison. He knew that Kil'jaeden would never release him from his curse. And, due to his great power, he knew that the demons would destroy him as soon as his mission was completed.

Still, he had one chance for freedom - one chance to escape his terrible curse. If he could find a suitable host - some hapless dupe who was torn between darkness and light - he could possess that body and escape the confines of the Frozen Throne forever.

Thus, the Lich King sent his vast consciousness out once again and sought the perfect host...


When the Scourge Brethren was formed we were nothing but mindless zombies ,killing who ever stepped into are way until.....oneday The Lich King stood tall and took us into his great army and gave us armor and tools of death. But with this new power we would be under the Lich Kings iron will....we swore on our lives we would fight for our king, we would die for him and with this we made strongholds around the world.

soon my brethren we will take this land into our very hands and have true power!!

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The guild has

539305280_Inactive, Jan 25, 08 7:28 PM.
we have duckie bank,gcal,team speak

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