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Blood of the Dina
Jan 22, 08 6:01 PM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Jan 22, 08 3:14 AM
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Welcome to your new website!

Construction in process... please be patient while we get our guild page up and working :) Thanks
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539465966_Inactive, Jan 22, 08 6:01 PM.

    People we need more member so even if you cant personally add a member to the guild, find someone who can so we can fully fulfill this guilds full potential SO go out and RECRUIT! 
                        -Thank you Relish

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539464305_Inactive, Jan 22, 08 3:14 AM.
Welcome to the Blood of the Dina Guild page.
First off just want to thank you for joining the guild.  We really want this to eventually build into a very friendly guild.  One where you can count on your other guild mates to help you out. 

So just a few rules.. oh yes No fussing they are there for a good reason.
1.  The Guild bank.... Simple as this as it stands now.. you cannot withdraw money from the guild bank... But you can withdraw one item within a 24hr time period.  This is for the protection of the guild.  Simple put, two of us are working hard to have some rings, bags and other needed items and we do not want to be taken advantage of.
Once money is donated then we will change that rule.  New members will not be allowed access to the guild bank at this time. 
2.  Class Leaders!!
We have class leaders for every class.. Well we will at least.  As it stands now
Enttrery is the class leader for MAGES
Solys is the Class leader for the Hunters
Movac is the class leader for the Paladins
All of these people are very good for learning about your class... so seek them out if you have questions, Promise none of is bite :)
Rest of the Classes will have leaders soon

3.  As for age of our guild members... we are not biased and accept everyone.. so keep that in mind when you are talking in guild chat that some of our members are kids keep it PG!!!!! Simple as this, I am a mom of three.. I will protect the kids that is in our guild if i find that anyone makes any inappropriate comments to any of them you will be gone...I wont blink twice...

Ok more of this will continue... Welcome again and Have fun questing
Entria and Enttrery
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