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Frozen Energy
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Urgent Message
Jan 22, 08 12:39 AM
Looking for New Members!
Jan 22, 08 12:29 AM
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Welcome to Frozen Energy!

As every new guild starts out, we may be slightly slower and less connected at the start. But, after a few weeks of getting to know eachother we will be in fine shape to start off with our raiding. Raid times will probably be on the order of 6 or 7 PM server time and last until 9 or 10 server time. We will start out with 2 different teams, one led by myself and one led by a member that shows their worth early in the game. I'm happy to answer any questions that you might have guild-wise, Paladin-wise, or even Hunter-wise :). Have fun and don't take each other too seriously!


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Urgent Message

Link11206, Jan 22, 08 12:39 AM.
The guild will not start recruiting until a couple of weeks from now for anyone that happens to see this page. I am still currently lvl 69 and need to get to 70 and get some respectable gear before starting this up. If you are around my level and still want to join, I'd be happy to start it up with you. Don't be discouraged though, on my Main (Varos, 70 Hunter Lightbringer Alliance) I led a raid team through Kara, Gruul's, and a few of the pre-BC 40 mans. We will be a good team. Pst me on Kuredo on Frostmane for an invite if you are ready.


Looking for New Members!

Link11206, Jan 22, 08 12:29 AM.
Frozen Energy is recruiting for their first two 10-man raid teams! Once, we get past 6 or 7 of the Karazhan raid bosses we will branch out into 25-man teams, but for now lets get used to each other as a guild. In these smaller stages of development, I will handle the applications for members in-game rather than in the forums. Pst me on Kuredo in Frostmane with your spec, relevant stats (i.e. Holy Paladin=mp5, +healing, and +spell crit) unbuffed, and what kind of commitment you will put forth into raids.


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