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Dawn of Vengeance Home

                                     Welcome to Dawn of Vengeance
Recruiting:                                                                        A Red Dawn Rises
Guardian: No
Yes NEED!40+
Dark Templar:
Yes 40+ 
Barbarian: No
Assassin: Yes 40+

Yes 40+
Priest of Mitra: YES!!

Tempest of Set:
Yes NEED!40+
Bear Shaman:
Yes  40+
Demonologist: YES 40+ 

Necromancer: Yes NEED40+
Herald of Xotli:
Yes  40+

                                                                                     Tyranny US PvP Server
                                                                                                 VENT IS UP
                                                                         Check our forums for our server info
Dawn of vengeance will be a guild that will focus on raid progressive content, although we wll focus on all aspects of the game. We will be rolling a pvp server but our focus shall remain the same.  Everyone will be able to vote on new recruits, this will eliminate random noobs entering. Also, we will playing U.S. times,cst....(if you are in a different time zone but can work around these times, we can make acceptions.)

*Inactivity will result in a boot after 30 days.
We will do roster checks and keep up to date attendance.
This should help us weed out the roster and keep a strong solid core.

If you are after the riches of Hyboria, want to explore the new lands, and be among the first to see high end content and items then this is the place for you. The better gear you have, the better you will do in pvp is how i see it.
As of now.

Policies and Rules
Dawn  of Vengeance will be entering the AoC world in just a few months, we want to make sure that applicants understand what were noone ends up in an awkward situation
-DoV will be organized and and will cover all aspects of the game.(quest/pve/pvp/crafting/events)
-We are looking for players who want to focus mainly on progression, but enjoy all corners of the game.
-All races and classes are welcome to apply.
-The guild will not accept everyone, it will be a well put together family.
-Voting in new members will work under a democratic vote.
-Members will be expected to play regularly (there will be certain occasions).
After a month or so of no activity and no updates from an inactive player will result in a boot.
-Attending a majority of the events is manditory.
-A DKP system will be implemented to insure fair item distribution.


New alliance

539463798_Inactive, May 16, 08 12:20 AM.
We signed an alliance with the guild Men of the West. We shall be there for them in time of need and they shall return the favor. Long live our allies

Dawn of Vengeance Has a New Address!

System, May 13, 08 12:45 PM.
Dawn of Vengeance has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Staying put!

539463798_Inactive, Apr 3, 08 10:05 PM.
Recently there has a been a little misunderstaning and the truth is that we have no new site or forums atm...this is it....if you feel you want to leave DoV for another guild or someone else let me know please

New Alliance!

539463798_Inactive, Feb 15, 08 10:17 PM.
We recently signed an alliance with the guild Besieged!


539463798_Inactive, Jan 22, 08 12:03 AM.
We are in need of a vent for DoV, this is the wall in the way being sucsessful. If anyone knows a vent or can get access to one, please let me know!

my email is

or you can post here, thanks!


(If we do not end up finding one, I will end up buying a server myself, hopefully we can find one before this happens though.)

End Game PvE progression
There are no upcoming events.
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