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Clan of The Man
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Clan of the Man Guild

Guild Rules
1.All Ranks 3-6 will request access to the Vault and all Items will be RETURNED.
2.Any Item removed from the vault and sold you will receive One Warning after that you will be dismissed from the Guild.
3.No Promotion will be granted until discussed with Guild Master and others through Rank 2.
4.Anyone up for promotion will send a request to a Rank 3, which will be discussed with other Higher Ranking Guild Members.
5.When promotions are being discussed and there is a tie the Guild Master has the Last Word as to who is to be promoted.
6.If a meeting is requested it will be summated for Ranks 4-6 to a Rank 3, for a Rank 3 to a Rank 2 and a Rank 2 to a Rank 1.
7.If there is a problem in the Guild notify the next Rank up and not to jump to a Higher Rank. Follow the Chain-of-Command or there will be disciplinary action handed out to one or all involved.
8.(Any suggestions for rules will be summited to the RULE MAKER at Any suggestions will be addressed by me to the Guild Master and the Assistant Guild Master. On the subject line state WOW Rule Suggestion.

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