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Prince Malchezaar    

Welcome to Council of Arms
Guild From Durotan Server
Web Site.

When I founded council of arms it was in the hopes that i could help people acheive the goals they had set for themselves in the game. What happened was, I created a place that founded me many freinds that have been with me since i was a level 9 and have stuk with me ever since. My new hopes in council of arms is that we can grow this guild into one of the greatest guilds in the Durotan Server. With great officers implemented and a willingness to acheive that standard we could help many more people acheive their end game results. With the new xpac getting ready to come out in december it is more important for me to regrow council of arms to what it used to be. So i welcome you to our guild Smile and hope that you find as many great and wonderful friends as I have in this creative and wonderful online landscape.

GM. Graxt

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Next Target    
Be Ready!!           

 Halazzi - 600k HP (150k per phase)                                               
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Shaman Form - 240k HP
Spirit of the Lynx - 200k HP
Corrupted Lightning Totem(s) - ~9k

Phase 1 Abilities
Abilities -
Saber Lash: Hits the Tank & 1 other person standing in front of Halazzi (5yd range), Aggro is not a factor for the offtank, just positioning. Saber Lash hits a 17k armor Prot Warrior for ~8.5k [Cannot crush].
Frenzy - Greatly increases attack speed, Tranquilizing Shot-able.

Phase 2 Abilities
Corrupted Lightning Totem: Casts a Chain Lightning that does about 2k per person. (2 sec cast).
Flame Shock: 20-25yd Range, Random target, 4.5k Initial hit, 3k tick, Dispellable (Grounding Totem doesn't work)
Earth Shock: 20-25yd Range, Random target, 4.5k dmg, interrupts casting. (Grounding Totem doesn't work)
Flame Shock & Earth Shock do not share the same CD

Spirit of the Lynx - Bestial Wrath's periodically when within ~25 yds of Halazzi (Still doesn't do much damage).

There are 3 phases. They are defined by Halazzi's HP %.
The first "Phase 1" ends when Halazzi gets to 75%.
The first "Phase 2" ends when either the: Spirit of the Lynx gets to 10% or Halazzi's Shaman form gets to 20%.
Then Halazzi will reappear with 75% HP and you repeat this till he reaches 25%, then he goes into phase 3.
Phase 3 is just like Phase 1 except Halazzi will continue to drop "Corrrupted Lightning Totem."

Phase 1:
Key: Keep both tanks alive. Make sure the tanks are DIRECTLY on top of eachother, not infront or behind or to the side.

2 Tanks take the Saber Lash (~8.5k dmg each, ~5sec cooldown). Considerable healing is required. Tranq shot Frenzy, if possible.

Phase 2:
Key: Kill "Corrupted Lightning Totem" quickly

DPS Macro
/target corrupted (mandatory)
1 Tank stays on Halazzi, the Offtank picks up "Spirit of the Lynx" (spawns right next to him).
DPS Order in this phase is: "Corrupted Lightning Totem" -> Spirit of the Lynx (Ignore the shaman form).
Once the add is at 10% the 2 will combine and Phase 1 starts again.

Healing notes: The raid will take a decent amount of damage in phase 2 but neither of the tanks get hit too hard, Dispel Flame Shock, make sure everyone has enough HP to live through an earth shock or flame shock (4.5k). Out range the earthshock/flameshock if you can.
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