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Veeshans Peak Cleared!

Legionnaire-Maverick, Jan 6, 09 8:24 AM.

Well folks, it has taken a while due to some ups and downs over the last 3-4 months but now the rollercoaster ride is over. We have finally cleared VP!

Along the way we have had our fair share of drama and a lot of turn over. Some of it was due to perfectly legitimate reasons, but all too much of it due to people either not thinking we were going to progress or people wanting an easy way to the top and not being willing to put in the work to help us progress.

The good part is though that along the way we got to see who was truely commited to the guild and who wasnt, and we were able to add a good many names to that list over time. Like any family there have been arguments, loot, targets, priviliges, raid attendence and slots, strategy. All too many times we couldent hit the targets we wanted to because we either diddent have the right setup or had to give up loot to non guildies on random rolls because we couldent fill the raid our selves, or ask members to play alts they diddent want to play or sit out for a non member chanter because we needed the regen.

Yes there were complaints because things like that have pissed off probably all of us at some point or the other the difference is though that through it all the commited ones stayed even when they diddent always get what they wanted, the others left when they diddent get their way.

Over time we have gathered a group of solid players and attendence has become more reliable. we are now ready to start moving forward. Veeshans Peak is down, but there is still more to come. Trak has to die of course, but before we can do that we are going to have to back flag a few people as we have a bunch of people who are missing 1 or more mobs due to not being able to make it all the days, being asked to play alts, or switching to alts to get mythical updates for their alts too etc. We also need to look forward and prepare to be tackling Maestro and Byzola soon and of course there is all the new content in The Shadow Oddessy for us to clear. Mythicals and VP gear will be a big help though im sure!

Again, thanks to all the people that stayed with us, when we were running around like mad people on the overking encounter and wipeing to Venril Sathir 15 times a night.

24 Mythicals and counting!

p.s. anyone have any screen shots? both girrr and i forgot to take.

WOOT DRUUSK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sierrya, Nov 9, 08 9:36 PM.

Leviathian DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sierrya, Aug 14, 08 2:03 PM.


Sorry the pic is kinda crappy, I forgot to turn up my graphics =(

Venril Sathir Down!!

Legionnaire-Maverick, Aug 3, 08 10:44 PM.

Congratulations All, On to Levithan next!!!!

Tonight the Venril Sathir went down to GoCI in a 95% all guild raid just 2 outsiders in raid!

On On!

Overking Down!!

Legionnaire-Maverick, Jul 29, 08 6:45 AM.

Congratulations All!

Last night the Overking went down to GoCI in a 90% guild raid!

Attendence seems to be climbing again and we are making progress, keep it up!

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