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Guild Ranks
Jun 23, 08 3:33 PM
Welcome to Heavy Metal!

Welcome to one of Blackwing Lair's best leveling guilds!  If you are visiting this site you are probably a new member or an old member who is ready to begin raiding.  After a year of planning and leveling our toons, we are finally ready to take on Karazhan!

Before you can be considered for a raid team, the following must be done:

1)  Register for membership at this site.  You will submit a request for    
membership, and one of the sites moderators will accept it as soon as they   
 log on.  Feel free to let an officer know that you have applied for the guild   
 site, and if they have access, they can accept you right away.  Please use a log in name that we will recognize.  If your game name is Joehealer, use Joehealer as your login name

2)  Go to and download the FREE software.  You don't have to have or use a microphone, but you must at least be able to hear the raid    
leader.  This is non-negotiable.  Raid leaders MUST have a mic installed.  Please let a guild officer know if you are having trouble with the installation.

3)  Go to or and download the following:
    a)  Omen Threat Meter
    b)  GroupCalendar
    c)  DeadlyBossMods
    These are absolutely required for taking part in any guild events and raids.

4)  Go to the "New Raiders" forum and post your character info and times you can raid in the section provided.

Once this is done, the raid planners can get you into the team that suits you and your schedule the best and we'll get you into KZ A.S.A.P!

Thank you so much for joining Heavy Metal... Ill see you in game.


P.S.  Raiding is serious business!  If all you wanna do is log on and level and goof off, that's fine.  Raiding is different.  It requires planning and coordination.  If you want to join a raid team, you have to actually join and become part of the team.  That means registering at this site so that we know who you and your alts are, and when we can count on you to be available to raid.  That means downloading GroupCalendar so you know when the raids and guild events are scheduled.  It's very difficult, no it's impossible, for me to plan and organize 10 people from different parts of the country, in different time zones, with different lifestyles and different jobs, if I don't know who you are or when your online.  If I didn't really really love you guys, and if I didn't really want to be here to help you guys out with whatever it is you need for your character to progress, I would not have made Heavy Metal or taken all the countless hours of time to make things organized for you.  Help me out and take a few mins out of your day to help the Team help you!

I know some of the guildies have become upset with having to actually register with this site.  Though I'm sorry for the inconvenience of taking a few mins to register, I feel it's necessary for the guild to progress into a raid program.  In my years of playing MMO's (and before that, role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons), I've found that there are two kinds of players.  Some players want everyone else to do all the work; all the planning and organizing, basically all the hard work.  They don't want to have to actually do something for somebody else.  Or even help someone who's trying to help them out.  All they want to do is show up (if they feel like it) and collect their loot.  Picture in your mind a man with no job or money.  He sits in his chair all day and watches T.V.  When his wife comes home, he yells at her, telling her she better get in the kitchen and make his dinner even tho he has done nothing at all to help.  The raid leaders don't mind paying for the dinner or even cooking it.  They do need a lil help setting the table tho.  Does this make sense?  The second kind of player is a team player.  They know that accomplishing goals as a 10 man group (or a 200 man guild), is 1,000 times more rewarding than simply grinding away at quests.  They know that their efforts will come back to them tenfold.  They know that doing something that is hard to do, is going to take a lil more work than just sitting on the couch.  Blizzard knows this too, and has provided players the opportunity to do just that in the form of end-game raids like Karahzan and Zul Aman. 

I invite you to take a few minutes and do some soul searching.  If you find you are the selfish player, then you will probably want to find another guild.  This one is set up to weed the selfish ones out.  If you find that you really want to be part of a team of dedicated players that want to see all that WoW has to offer, then I offer you a place in one of the great BWL Leveling/Raid guilds.  Dozens of people have spent countless hours of their time to make sure that your place is secure, and your character will never want for anything.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the bowels of KZ very soon.

Your humble servant,

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Guild Ranks

539472862_Inactive, Jun 23, 08 3:33 PM.
As of today, only guild members who have registered with the guild site may hold rank above recruit.  It is very difficult and time consuming to run a guild and keep things organized.  We want it to be easy to find groups and organize guild sponsored events and raids.  To do this we need your help by registering here and entering your info so we know who you are, who your alts are, and what kind of help you need in leveling your character.  Please register and download the mods listed at the welcome screen.  If you 'can't find the time' to do this, the officers 'can't find the time' to help you.

Thnx Mngmnt
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