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Bloodspattered Horde
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Jan 15, 08 11:36 AM
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Welcome to Bloodspattered Horde! 

We are a Raiding guild on the world of warcraft staghlem server, Horde faction.

Our allied guild currently is Rexxars Raiders which I myself started and turned over to my brother to run while I hopped around between raiding guilds to try to get myself geared thru karazhan,heroics and pvp. We're pretty laid back and don't ask for much other than you be 65+(until our numbers get high enough) and that when you are ready to get keyed after we help you get keyed for kara you show up on time for scheduled raids.

Once the majority of the members are keyed for karazhan we'll start recruiting our 65+ members for rexxars raiders and use it as a trainer guild to bring up alts and other characters to 70 get them keyed and get them geared for raiding and then we'll move them over.

Currently tho we're trying to get numbers soo we'll be accepting 65+ leveled characters until then.

If you wish to join us or rexxars raiders either contact myself or any of the other bloodspattered horde members and we'll either invite you right away or point you to who you need to speak with in rexxars raiders to join them.

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539321492_Inactive, Jan 15, 08 11:36 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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