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The Elder Scrolls (Pen and Paper Role-Playing)
Wishing for the best of luck.
Jan 12, 08 12:55 AM
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"By the Nine Divine we have graced this land, Cyrodiil, with the gifts of our fathers and all of the holys. From the burning Dragon Fires to the zenith of Cloud Ruler Temple we protect the people and serve the king. For the Septim bloodline, let it never die. We shall fight to protect every once of soil and every body of water that has been given to us by the gods. Praise thee Akatosh! And let the Nine Divines lead you on your path; whatever your birthsign and whatever your customs. Come as you are."
       - Oath of The Blades.

Welcome to the Elder Scrolls pen and paper role-playing game. We hope that you are already familiar with the concept of pen and paper roleplaying and we hope that you have a decent understanding of the D20 system. This particular game is played in post by post fashion umongst other players working together or alone. We hope that you enjoy yourself while playing the game and we will further strive to better your gaming experience.

For any questions please contact one of the DMs.

Also, all new players must read and understand the Elder Scrolls rule book before playing the game. After all rules have been read and understand players must submit their characters to one of the DMs for approval. After such approval please feel free to get started as soon as possible.

Also, the content on these boards may change from time to time so if you are any kind of parent and you do not want your child playing on this guild simply stop them before complaining to us. You don't own the interwebz amirite?

Wishing for the best of luck.

539399293_Inactive, Jan 12, 08 12:55 AM.
I type this now simply as an exspression of hope. I wish to create a game that is fun to role players all around the world (or at least the little group we have gathered here). If anyone knows anyone who may be a great new addition please refer them to us or us to them. We are always looking to build the roster up with fine role-players.

Thank you, and let us all have the best of luck.
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