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As Dark Ravens, it is our duty to:
  • Stand for unity, wisdom, compassion, and service.
  • Give generously of our knowledge, time, and selves to others.
  • Be courteous, respectful, and fair to all indiscriminately.
  • Uphold our own reputation, and in doing so, uphold our guild's reputation.
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Our Mission:

1. Treat other players the way you would want to be treated.

2. Be diligent, self-sufficient, and patient.  The results will be more greatly appreciated.

3. Play responsibly and with respect to others.

4. Encourage mature and helpful players to join the guild.

5. Above all, have fun!

Guild Rules:

1. No derisive or unbecoming language or topics in guild chat.

2. Do not have open conflicts with other players in guild chat.

3. No begging for money, items, or runs.

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Other Guild News

Raid Schedule

Achumbokum, Apr 4, 08 7:15 PM.
After reviewing the raid availabilities submitted to me, a rough raid schedule has been created.  From looking it all over, I found that the best raiding times were Tues., Thurs., and Mon. starting at 7pm and not extending past midnight.  It is not definite that we will be raiding on these days.  Thanks for your availability submissions everybody.  ^_^

Dark Ravens takes down the Maiden

Aselwe, Apr 3, 08 8:13 PM.
Maiden downed April 3, 2008.

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Gratz everyone who participated!  We're off to a great start.

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No peeking  up skirts next time.

**To view more pictures of our
Karazhan Run -- CLICK HERE
or just check out the Guild Gallery

Website Updates

539452987_Inactive, Mar 25, 08 7:57 PM.
FYI - We are currently updating the website... so you may see some changes over the next couple days until we get it just right ;)

- Raz

2.4 AddOns

539452987_Inactive, Mar 25, 08 7:18 PM.
Wow Interface

I highly recommend using this website for the latest 2.4 updated Addons. Enjoy!

- Raz


Aselwe, Mar 18, 08 10:09 AM.
We are currently recruiting responsible and respectful players to join us in Karazhan.  Please let us know if you're interested!

We want YOU to join <Dark Ravens>!
Member Raid Points
Member Characters DKP
Aselwe Agonmuuk, Aselwe, Erundil 110 0
539452987_Inactive Raezion, Razule 110 0
Mieszko I Amant, Issaquah, Mieszko, Mieszko or Amant, Thiassi 00 0
539537865_Inactive Arawenn, Courtillia, Paaige 00 0
PIE FTW! Imnottasalt, Shammyguy, Taslom 110 0
539154184_Inactive Greeneggs 110 0
539600845_Inactive Angrykitten, Lovelace 110 0
Achumbokum Achumbokum, Aoutbokum, Azurebokum, Behrtbokum, Glacebokum, Ravenbokum, Septbokum 110 0
Alorticus Alorticus, Anovath 110 0
539606272_Inactive aquaman, thehittman 00 0
539638513_Inactive Jarcine 00 0
539641438_Inactive Eternalblade, Tyxx 00 0
539654541_Inactive Grennor 00 0
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Raid Schedule
Apr 4, 08 7:15 PM
Dark Ravens takes down the Maiden
Apr 3, 08 8:13 PM
Website Updates
Mar 25, 08 7:57 PM
2.4 AddOns
Mar 25, 08 7:18 PM
Mar 18, 08 10:09 AM
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