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Welcome to Asphyxiation
Welcome to Asphyxiation, a Horde guild on the Madoran realm.  We are a casual PvP and raiding guild whose members get as much enjoyment out of playing WoW with good people as we do out of advancing as a group.

Our goals are to experience end-game content & enjoy battlegrounds and PvP play without a strict schedule for achieving this.  We try to enjoy the game in a relaxed, drama-free social atmosphere with other people who understand what it is to have a job, a family, school, or other commitments outside the game.

Please note that Madoran server runs on Central Time!  ALL events are scheduled using server time, so please adjust for your time zone accordingly!
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Asphyxiation Now Recruiting

539381155_Inactive, Mar 26, 08 8:36 PM.
We are now recruiting!  If you would like to join us, please peruse the site, take a look at the guild charter, and drop an officer a line.  We're accepting any mature players of any level.  Our current goal is basically to rebuild our core of high level players so that we can work towards raiding & PvP as a guild.  If you're interested, and don't just want a guild to power-level you, get in touch!              
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