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Twisting Nether (RPPvP)
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Welcome To Everlasting Knights, Guest!

We are a causal guild that believes in an equal opportunity environment. We are mainly a 10-man guild as far as raiding goes. We have members who love to pvp as well.  Members can be found helping each other or running together often, and we strive to have everyone feel included. For this reason we like being a small guild and intend to keep it that way. We strive for a strong, friendly and equal environment, where people can be themselves. What we are not though is a hold your hand make sure you get this and that guild. We do strive to help but we are not going to turn this game into a job we are all here to have fun. We are not a "progression" guild. We do not recruit. Everyone here is family or friends(in real life or met along the way in game) with someone in the guild.  To all guild members you must register and be logged in to see all features of the website. Our raid loot policy can be found here or under raiding in the fourms.

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Not sure why it's showing our kill dates wrong it was showing the correct dates before

                             If you find a bug please let Wrath know
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Wrathsgate, Nov 15, 10 8:54 PM.
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