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This Week in Blood Siege ...
Feb 20, 08 12:13 PM
Disco-Rama !
Feb 11, 08 8:54 AM
Ventures into Veeshan's
Feb 3, 08 12:16 PM
Another Worm for the Worm Farm
Jan 27, 08 2:28 PM
Jan 12, 08 10:45 PM
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This Week in Blood Siege ...

Feydra, Feb 20, 08 12:13 PM.

First off, congratulations to Radnor for getting the disco on the Defiler weapon for Permafrost!  We are all continuing to work hard to progress the mythical portions of our epic weapon quests.  After the changes to some of the raid mobs recently we had to work a little harder but took Leviathan down.  With some perseverance and seemingly endless LD's last night we emerged victorious from our battle with Elder Ekron in Veeshan's Peak.  Let's keep the ball rolling, great job everybody!

Disco-Rama !

Feydra, Feb 11, 08 8:54 AM.
With the release of update 42 we all had "fun" scouring the earth for epic weapon quest starters and udates.  Grats to Serrith and Jalin on their server discoveries of their class weapons!!!  Being the disco-lover that he is, Gumin shot ahead and got the disco of the new sage epic tradeskill cloak, Grats Gummy!!  And for the comic relief of the week, Solarion is now in the lead for porting out of the raid the most after he forgot to unequip his hammer!  LOL We love ya Sol!  Was a great week to see Blood Siege pull together to help everyone get their epics advanced, keep up the good work.

Ventures into Veeshan's

Feydra, Feb 3, 08 12:16 PM.
Last week we headed into Veeshan's Peak and took out Kluzen the Protector!   Awesome job everyone on dinging the guild to level 70 on almost purely raid kills!!  Keep up the good work and stay tuned for more kill updates this week!

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