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Blood of the Sun
We're Merging Like Traffic
Feb 12, 08 10:27 AM
A Note of Thanks
Jan 8, 08 7:20 AM
Welcome to Blood of the Sun

We're a small guild right now, set on becoming.... well, maybe not the BIGGEST guild around, but definitely one of the best. We all have jumped into duty behind our Beloved leader Luna and her pet Soleill (lol, much) and are working together to make our WoW time enjoyable to the fullest. Please note, some others will be required to run this site, I won't do it all by myself, but I am willing to do what it takes to make the guild a well-run, respected and FUN guild to belong to.

Hello, it's your GuildMaster Soleill. Welcome to the Blood of the Sun homepage! We're growing at a constant rate now, thanks to the efforts of our loyal guild members, but still welcome all who would love to join. We have a constant flow of decent merchandise in the bank, a slew of talent coming from our members in the form of tailoring, leathermaking, jewelcrafting, blacksmithing. etc. and we're always willing to help. After all, what are guilds for?

**Chats up!! Come join me! BoTS channel
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We're Merging Like Traffic

539422939_Inactive, Feb 12, 08 10:27 AM.
Thanks to the efforts of Raegos/Jad, we have begun sucking other guilds into us like we're some sort of guildie black hole. No complaints. So I would LOVE to weclome Whitemora and all others from his guild to ours. We love new members, and anyone who is a friend of Jad is a friend of ours.

A Note of Thanks

539422939_Inactive, Jan 8, 08 7:20 AM.
I would LOVE to give a giant thank you to a few people: Tabytha and her husband Mage with their donations; we were able to not only start the guild, but get a tabard and have funds left over for the start of a bank tab. Moonwalkers; with his amazing contribution we were able to open our bank tab. Paragor (aka Talthas) for his continuing support for our guild on the horde side as well as the alliance side as GuildMaster for The Blessed Resistance, and of course, All WoW players who have signed our charter to start this guild, played in groups with BoTS members, and all those who have joined our growing guild and stuck it out with us!

Thank you ALL!
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