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Fellowship of Al Kabor



The chronicals of Al'Kabor

Let be known to all, that the following is a declaration of alliegance to our Queen Antonia, that the following shall be known to be the foundation of The Fellowship of Al'Kabor.

As a fellowship, we are collectively a family. One with mutual interest, and purpose.

Our purpose, to pursue explorations of all known worlds, and beyond, as discoveries devuldge.

We as a fellowship, are determined to utilize, enhance, and distribute all discoveries, to all within our fellowship, that all our individual abilities, skills, and status, should become more important, and useful to the fellowship, and more meaningful.

As a fellowship,with our interactions, we thus become more proficient in our interactions, while grouping together, improving fellowship, strength,and most importantly,  increasing our trust in each other.

We dedicate our respectability from others, to enable the fellowship to increase our membership, with desired new members, with community type personalities, thus strengthening and enabling multiple groups instances, prepared to raid any place, at any time,with notice, in defense of our beloved realm.



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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!

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