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Meltdown Drops From Ladder :(

Cinder_Viper, May 31, 08 10:12 AM.
Meltdown has decided to drop from the villain ladder.  Issue 12 resulted in us losing many members just after we had gained enough members to be more active.  Peril and a few others have joined Ressurection.  Anyone still looking to be active on villains can contact him or join a different VG.

Cinder is running a casual-play group in various free MMOs containing PvP including Space Cowboys (lawl) Online, and Fury.

Villain Ladder Updates!

Cinder_Viper, Apr 14, 08 6:41 PM.
It's been a while but better late than never.

The Renegades took the #1 spot from VORI, congrats Renegades!

Meltdown entered the VG ladder at rank #5 after GMW dropped from the ladder forfeiting our match. :(

VORI and VRC also dropped from the ladder recently moving Meltdown up to #3.
Updated Rankings are as follows:
1. The Renegades
2. UnJustice League
3. Meltdown

lol Virtue PvP
Dark Revolution

New groups also joined the ladder in addition to Meltdown filling some of the recent losses: Freaks, lol Virtue PvP, Dark Revolution.

Freaks have challenged Meltdown to an official that has been delayed due to the closed testing of Issue 12: A Midnight something or another.

GL HF Freaks and GL to all the new groups.
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