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May 9, 09 2:26 PM
Outpost Battles Success!
Sep 8, 08 10:36 AM
We're Back!
Aug 5, 08 4:32 PM
Good News?
Jun 17, 08 4:16 PM
Swim Team at WELLonline
Feb 5, 08 9:06 AM
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Welcome to the Swim Team! 

 If you ask who we are, we would tell you:

We are the Swim Team.  We are fluent in typo, and we don't take the game too seriously.  It should be a fun, relaxing place above all.

We live in a world where pelting people with rice is not only acceptable, but encouraged, and a good day results in getting that supreme mat you're after despite being chased in circles by a certain named

Our armor crafters refuse to allow you to frolick about Atys looking any less than stylish.   Only the best for our members and potential members, who -- by the way -- can read up on details about becoming a Swimmer






Saraii, May 9, 09 2:26 PM.
A big happy birthday to FFI!

-From your silent Sweemers

Outpost Battles Success!

Saraii, Sep 8, 08 10:36 AM.
A hardy congratulations to all the Swimmers on our two new outposts: quality 50 Blackburn Trade Post located south of Pyr in the desert, and quality 150 Demon's Crossroads Diplomatic Post located in Haven of Purity in the jungle.  Special thanks to our friends who showed at Demon's (and Erbauer who showed at Blackburn) and shared in the fun.

We're Back!

Saraii, Aug 5, 08 4:32 PM.
Attention lurkers!  The servers are up!

Happy day to be home again and see this incredible world alive again. :)

Good News?

Saraii, Jun 17, 08 4:16 PM.

Don't know if any of you guys still lurk about here, but this looks promising!

Swim Team at WELLonline

Zarozina, Feb 5, 08 9:06 AM.
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