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Altered Existence
AE Progression
Karazhan :
Huntsman - dead
Moroes - dead
Maiden - dead
BBW - dead
R & J - dead
Oz - dead
Curator - dead
Chess - done
Aran - dead
Illhoof - dead
Prince - dead
Spite - dead
Bane - dead

Zul Aman:
Nalorakk - dead
Akil'zon - dead
Halazzi - dead
Jan'alai - dead
Malacrass - dead
Zul'jin - dead

25 Man Progression -
World Bosses :
Lord Kazak -
Doomwalker -

Gruuls Lair :
High King - dead
Gruul - dead

Magtheridon -

Serpent Shrine:
Lady Vashj -
Lurker Below - dead
Leotheras -
Fathom-Lord -
Tidewalker -
Hydross -

Tempest Keep:
Kael'Thas -
Solarian -
Void Reaver -
Altered Existence
Altered Existence is a Horde raiding guild on Bladefist-US server.

 Welcome to AE's guild website.

AE Plans to Progress in a timely manner without skipping around to do simple easy boss kills, just to get a name for ourselves. We believe that if people focus on one area at a time, you can move through content alot smoother and more efficiently then those that bounce around for pure GEAR kills.

If you are interested in knowing more about us, or wish to apply please feel free visit our Public forums, and once again welcome to AE's site.
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