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Code Of Conduct (CoC)

Every Link Shell Member has to swear his oath too this code of conduct so there for it is to be respected and all rules are too be followed by every member on penalty of the consequences at the bottom.


Prime Directive: HAVE FUN

There’s no point being in a clan if u don’t enjoy it so if you’re not having fun hand in your resignation or do something about it!! Before you leave please tell us our fault as it will help us


Secondary Directive: Joining

Link Shell Members will NOT use obscene, offensive, or rude language on all message boards, and any other place you can be recognized as a member of the GDI. If u do not comply then u will be disciplined. You are not to argue with anybody in this or allied clans, if you have a problem with something, let your commanding officers know, and we will deal with it. You are to act as a nice civilized human being, if this isn't you then don't bother applying.


Anyone wishing to join the GDI must be online, and able to do duties, for at least three hours per week. You MUST be available for regular training sessions for an hour each week, on a regular basis, regardless of skill or experience. We do not want inactive members.  If you do not log in on 10 consecutive days you are no longer a member. We need members who we can rely on to attend battles, training, and be called into battle. If you are going too be away for a while then let your commanding officer know and tell them your reason and time you will be back!


Every member must have MSN messenger for contact with other members of the clan, if you don’t have it yet download it before you become a member.


Every officer needs too know the full rules and CoC obvious failure too know them will result in you being expelled from the clan. We may ask members too answer a simple question from the rules or CoC which they will be expected too answer convincingly (not word for word but the general Directive)


Third Directive: Conduct on forum

Spamming is forbidden on the forums.  There is to be no discrimination against anyone.  No insulting other members no posting of private clan information this should all be done in a private topic that it locked. You are not to give any passwords away or reveal and information to anyone out side the section that has been told by high council. All sigs must require either under the picture or on it

            Rank                            GDI Tag or full name

            Duties                           Division

            Gaming name


Fourth Directive: Conduct on Game

All GDI members must have the full tag before there name on any game you play

e.g.GDI Job Bloggs

You are to use no mods cheat’s glitches of any sort while representing GDI. No flaming insulting retaliating too anyone else’s remakes. No talking about clan information this must be done behind closed doors where no public people can access. You are not allowed too speak on behalf of GDI unless you are a member of High council!


Fifth Directive: Duties and orders

You are required too follow all your orders if you have a problem with an order than talk in private with the issuing officer if you still have a problem then report to higher command. If you can not follow an order for any reason then tell the issuing officer with the reason and he will further assess.


You are required too carry out all of your duties on a day to day, week to week etc and hand them in on time to the commanding officer. If you do not then state your reason too the officer and he will judge as too weather disciplinary action is necessary. 



Disciplinary action.


By breaking any rules you may be disciplined as stated below!


Action point 1 – Verbal Warning

Action point 2 – Verbal Warning Your Second and Last.

Action point 3 – Official Warning posted on the web site

Action point 4 – Demotion
Action point 5 – Suspension and maybe Expulsion

Action points may be skipped should the action be deemed serious enough!


 rules may change in which case all will be notified.



This is the rank structure for the [GDI]Clan and it's members.

So-and-so has logged on!