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Picture Of The Month Will be done 1st of Every Month To Submit A Picture Please Post it in The Proposition Forum :)
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www.gdiclan.org is gone, we will use theis site until we can restore our new one.


Site Updates

Ryiden, Jun 11, 05 8:11 PM.
I have added LSE to the calander which finshes off this month and part of July.  I have also added a Java Script Chat function to the site, it was suggested by a member and it is up on a trial bases to see if poeple like it.

LSE Calander

Ryiden, Jun 6, 05 5:20 PM.
A LSE calander has been posted at the site, Tyh has submitted a calander and it's awaiting final approval.  Until till the next month is approve dthe calander will only show the upcoming weeks LSE.

Image Gallery Beta Complete

Ryiden, Apr 14, 05 10:15 AM.
I have finished and posted a new image gallery for our pictures.  Please check it out and report any problems to me

Site nearly completed

537125064_Inactive, Apr 10, 05 2:44 AM.
Wot would u like to see on the clan give me a shout and i can see wot i can do!

Site under construction

537125195_Inactive, Dec 4, 04 11:01 AM.


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This Weeks Events!

Saturday-  NM Hunt W Ron.

 LS Ballista 12:00 cst Upper Jueno

For upcoming events please check the LSE Calander, and if you have any suggestions for a LSE plz post them in the Proposition Forum

Thank You

Spratters, Ryiden, Syph

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