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Naxx Cleared
Mar 11, 09 4:33 AM
First week in Naxx
Jan 28, 09 7:37 AM
First short visit to Naxx 10 man
Jan 21, 09 4:07 PM
Rough Nex, under new management
Dec 3, 08 3:18 AM
Guilds in hibernation till the expansion hits
Sep 11, 08 1:25 AM
Guild Bulletin    
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Naxx Cleared

s000m, Mar 11, 09 4:33 AM.
Last night, Naxx was cleared.

Many thanks to Weazel who has ressurected this guild and brought it back it to it's former glory.

First week in Naxx

d_weazel, Jan 28, 09 7:37 AM.
Well well well... only the first week in Naxx and we cleared 2 wings.

Plague & Arachnid were downed with ease, a lot of bosses went down first try, only a few hit the ground after a try or 2. 

Interesting is that you can easily kill Heigan with only 4 ppl, just takes a while...

Gratz to all the people that joined the raids,

greetz from a very proud raidleader!


First short visit to Naxx 10 man

d_weazel, Jan 21, 09 4:07 PM.
Our first trip to Naxx, thanks to the patch we had a few people showing up later than expected. 

After a short word about how things were going to be done, we were getting ready to start our run... when "someone" managed to aggro the first mobs & we were off :) was not the start I imagined, but all went fine.

First we met Anub Rekhan, who turned out to be a cheeky one, as we are using deadly boss mobs, his timer wasn't correct and he did his Locust Swarm 3 seconds before his cooldown. After finding that out, is was not a problem to get our first Naxx kill & loot!

Because some people had to go soonish, we had to step up the pace, getting to Grand Widow Faerlina.  Usually you kill the add right before or after the frenzy... we kinda managed to kill the first one 10 seconds into the fight, we had a little bit more dps with us than expected. Staying cool, thinking how we could manage this fight, we actually downed her pretty easy.

In all, an avarage Rough NeX run, where we want to make things harder than they are... but succeeding in it!

Tnx for the great night out!

Small detail... next time we'll Fraps it... and take a screenshot... hum hum :)

One very happy raidleader,
cheers all!

Rough Nex, under new management

s000m, Dec 3, 08 3:18 AM.
Rough Nex is once again Recruiting, the New guildmaster is Weazy.
If you wish to make an application and start doing Naxx then head over to the applications thread on the forums.

Rough Nex wagh!

Added by weazy:
The masterplan is to get things going again in january, after all the holidays.
Feel free to make your application already on the forums.

Site will be updated again from now on.
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Recruiting has ended for our 10-man raiding.

Still feel free to make an apply on our forums.
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