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We are a growing guild. Guild that accepts all commers (Unless you a begger and want stuff all the time such as constant runs through the same dungeon, Gold, items out of the guild bank). We have a Guild Tabard,  and one tab in the Guild Bank.
Our goal is to expand our guild so that there are enough people for Dungeon runs, Raids, and Areanas.

We are a guild that uses the guildbank for proffesions, We accept anyone needy. We the people in the guild do not enjoy running the same guild over and over so that you can lvl and get items... Now if you have quests for a dungeon then perhaps there is someone close to your lvl working on them to... If not ask politely and once.

Our guild bank is set up to where you have to go through the GM to get something out... which protects our guild from getting raped. Once we get more tabs we can allow more items to be taken out.

People of the same lvl are more than willing to work with you on quests that you share. We have our guild ranking by lvls, but honestly ranks are completely pointless. We are all players of the same guild so their shouldn't be any competition.

Rewards will be handed out to players that do help others and to players that recruit others.

Don't ask the higher lvls to do everything for you. explore the game for yourself, let them have the chance to lvl and find someone in or out of the guild to help you with dungeons that are close to your lvl.

If you have questions feel free to ask...
  Enjoy playing WOW!
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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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