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Diamond Clan
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Dec 12, 07 10:14 PM
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Guild Constitution

December 12th , 2007

I, Ejean, herby appoint myself the Guild Master of my own created guild. Through my experience, I have decided to create a guild in my own image. This guild shall be different than all others I have been part of. Most importantly, its members will well informed, and participation will not be a requirement, but will be rewarded. I intend to formulate a guild with a strong bureaucratic structure and a thriving amount of members. I have theorized a leadership structure with very specific duties… and I can only hope that the officers of this guild with implement my founding structure, continue to add to it, and pass it along for future members.

Other Guild News

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539377781_Inactive, Dec 12, 07 10:14 PM.


Manages all elected and appointed members and coach them on their duties.
Reviews the weekly Treasurer reports and post it; the guild should know where their money is being utilized.
Reviews the honor system report.
Personally welcomes new recruits, and praise members when they level.
The Guild Master is the only one allowed to right to expel someone from the guild.
Responsible for preserving the Guild Constitution.
Works with the Assistant Guild Master to appoint Recruiters.
Appoints a Guild Secretary.
Leads Raids

In charge of the guild honor point system. Creates weekly reports of guild honor points. Handles all questions concerning the Guild Honor Point System. Responsible for assisting the Guild Master. Hosts periodic guild meetings. Can lead raids.

Appointed by the Guild Master and Assistant Guild Master. Responsible for creating ballots. The Secretary coordinates meetings, raids, and pre-planned instance runs. Creates the guild calendar. Answers all questions concerning the guild schedule. Any flyers or mailings created will be compensated by the guild. Can lead Raids.

This is an elected position. It should be held by someone who the guild trusts! Responsible for guild funds. This includes the guild bank. A second character (level 1) should be created in order to keep the guilds funds separate from your own. Balance the guild budget. Create a standard weekly report of all transactions. Create payouts for the guild recruiters, and give bonus to the highest recruiter. Can lead raids.

Appointed by the Guild Master and Assistant Guild Master. Recruiters get paid for their recruits! Recruiters will send a weekly report of the names of the members they recruit to the Guild Treasurer. If the new recruit stays active, you’ll be compensated in gold! Recruiters can often earn bonuses either for an amount of recruits or a recruitment of a particular class.

Appointed by the Guild Masters. The guild master should appoint the highest level member of each class to field questions concerning that class.

Will be on the payroll and is expected to report all chants to the Assistant Guild Master. All chants given to guild members will be compensated for. The member receiving the chant should also report it to the A.G.M.

This position will be implemented at a later time.

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