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Mythos Officers
    Bahamut Zero
The Ballista
The Wedding Planner
    Da Crusha
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Welcome to our website!

We are the Mythos, a Villaingroup part of the MMORPG City of Villains on the Liberty server.

We, The Mythos, are proud to announce a merger between the 2 finest SG's on Liberty. The Mythos is now one in the same with The Association. The merger is going well and smooth. But this doesnt mean theres no room for you!!! See our primary website under Allied SG's to check out the association's website. More info will be possted as things progress.

We'll be more than happy to have you as part of our growing team.

If you haven't made up your mind, at the very least enjoy the website.

The Association/Mythos

Bahamut Zero., Apr 24, 08 5:49 PM.
Hey guys, I know im supposed to come back on the 26th, but thats not going to happen :( school is getting in the way and i have a lot of stuff due next week. Hopefully ill be on next weekend, the 3rd or 4th of May
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awhile Doc? you know the old saying that if you're around long enough you become part of the furniture ... well mate you brought the furniture you've been around that long :P
Dr Proteus
I do :) some might say I've been around for awhile now
you punks prob dont even remember me :P
er, KoTFE of course ;P
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