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Kashya Miz'Ratha (SuperAdmin) 12/3/2007 10:24 PM EST : Da Rules
Kashya Miz'Ratha
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When in doubt about conduct, consult this page.  All rules are OOC.

General Conduct:
  • All players being admitted into the Children of Azeroth must submit to an in-character interview per each character (this includes alts).
  • Upon joining the guild, all membersare to join the channel CoA (type:  /join CoA). This is ourOOC (out-of-character) chat. All Guild chat is to remain IC (in-character). Players are welcome to join the Children of Azeroth's OOC channel when playing an alternatecharacter not in the guild, so that they can stay up to date withwhat's going on.
  • Please keep your characters believable within the game world.  Folks will almost always have disagreements over what's cannon and what isn't, but some things are certain: When a player "over specializes" their character, giving them traits that go above and beyond what the game provides, it causes tension.  For instance, most people would be frustrated to encounter a player who insists that their character is a half-dragon, half-vampire, cyborg ninja.  It's nearly impossible to RP in a normal manner with a character like this.
  • The Children of Azeroth is a roleplayingguild, and as such the ability to communicate is essential. Players areexpected to maintain good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. CommonEnglish rules will apply, and are expected before players are promotedto higher ranks.  No foul language, in-game or in the forums.  Our guild is meantto be a pillar of the role-playing community on our server, ThoriumBrotherhood.  Our actions in-game and out should reflect that at alltimes. We have established a reputation for being respectful, kind,mature, and friendly players and I will see that standard upheld byeveryone who wears our tabard.
  • All members who have given their word to help a friend or guild mate(s)in an instance or with quests are expected to show up with adequatetime to finish the task, armor in full repair, and the properquests/quest chains completed in preparation for the task.
  • Allmembers who offer a trade skill service such as enchantments or itemcrafting to guild mates will do so at no cost of coin to thebeneficiary.  Players are allowed to ask for materials in return forthe trade skill service, but never gold.
  • Unacceptable conduct includes, but is certainly not limited to,spamming any kind of message in channels public or private, dancingnaked in the Auction House, using foul/violent/graphic/degradinglanguage, begging for gold or items, abandoning a group, taking more than you need or can use from the guild's vault, and so forth.These are all offenses punishable by probation, or in some severecases, removal from the guild.
  • A player is only allowedone character in the guild at a time. At level 30, players are allowedto admit one additional alternate character.
  • All members are urged to see our page of recommended addons and take them into consideration. Most of us will be utilizing these tools frequently.
  • Players who have been away from the game (continuously logged out) for two weeks will receive a warning letter in their in-game mailbox.  After three weeks, the guild leader reserves the right to remove the inactive player from the guild (accompanied by a second in-game letter).  This is to make sure our core members remain active and involved.  There are always extenuating circumstances. If you are a casual player, or have prior obligations, simply notify an officer. Please communicate with us, that way you won't be removed inadvertently.

Meetings and Events:
  • Weekly meetings are currently held at 8:00 pm server time on Fridays. Players will not be penalized for not attending, but I ask that anyone able to make it does.
  • Tardiness is frownedupon, but more so is active questing while a meeting is taking place.Meetings are in-person, so plan ahead and don’t go dungeon raidingbefore a meeting is supposed to start.
  • Meeting behavior isimportant to uphold. There should be no casting of spells or other loud/visible interruptions while a meeting is taking place. 
  • Please keep in mind that meeting attendance, as well as behavior and participation, is taken into account when considering promotions.
  • All rules apply directly to additional events our guild may be hosting.
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