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The Dark Order
Start of a Legend
Nov 29, 07 8:29 AM
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Welcome to the Website of the Dark Order.

We are not like any other guild you will have heard of. We are a Society, a Country, we are not a member of whatever planet we are stationed on. We are our own people.

We have an Army, a space force, an economy, and a chain of command.

We have a couple of unions inside our society currently as well: The Union of Free Singers, Dancers and Musicians, along with the Union of Dark Order Traders.

You can work where-ever you like inside our free country. You can work in goverment, become a senator or an aide, maybe even hold an administrative post. You can join the Legion of Free Soldiers, our army. You can also join Black Squadron, our Space Force. You can start up shops. You can produce yourself a singing career. You can do as you like!

Just remember the simple Laws of the Lands, and you'll do fine.

We accept Rebels, Neutrals and Imperials. However, as we are a self-made nation, we can be a bit picky on who is allowed in. We are a Roleplay society, so we expect you to be a Roleplayer, or at least, someone who can accept Roleplay.

We also have an issue when it comes to maturity. While we care not for age, we do care alot when it comes to Maturity. If you cannot be mature, you will leave us. End of story.

With the unpleasantness out of the Way, welcome once again to the Site and enjoy yourself!

Start of a Legend

539349642_Inactive, Nov 29, 07 8:29 AM.
Well, what can I say about this news report? This is the start of the website for the Dark Order.

The Dark Order is a combined effort between Anudu Aieko (and her 3 alts) and a friend, who has asked not to be mentioned, who is a personal friend of Anudu Aieko in real life.

Anyways, Welcome to the Site. I hope you enjoy it here.
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