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Eternal Serenity kill Hydross
Mar 3, 08 12:04 AM
The Coyy Returns
Feb 27, 08 11:58 AM
Void Reaver No More!
Feb 11, 08 4:30 PM
Lurker Goes Down As Promised!
Jan 17, 08 3:10 PM
Lurker is down!
Jan 17, 08 3:03 PM

Eternal Serenity is a social raiding guild, we prefer the fun aspect of raiding with progression coming a close second.
We currently have Karazhan, Gruul`s Lair, Lurker, Hydross and Void Reaver on farm status and we are progressing further into 25 man raid instances. All our members are valued and treated with respect. We do prefer the more mature player but all applicants will be considered. Please click here to browse our Recruitment Section.

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Eternal Serenity kill Hydross

539361579_Inactive, Mar 3, 08 12:04 AM.
02-03-08 Eternal Serenity kill Hydross The Unstable

Eternal Serenity had their first attempt at Hydross and it couldn't have gone any better! We had 4 attempts in total and in each attempt Hydross was going down relatively fast. The main problem we encountered was tactical, it was just a case of getting used to Hydross changing from water form to poison form and vice versa, dps needing to stop while the tank re-established their aggro and positioning. Once we all got familiar with this Hydross went down perfectly. Congratulations to Downster, Thatch and Shafemnei on some nice loot!
 Well done everybody who attended!

The Coyy Returns

539361579_Inactive, Feb 27, 08 11:58 AM.

27-02-08 The Coyy Returns

We are very pleased to announce the return of the one and only, the origional, the man himself.....Coyy!

After being away for almost 2 months Coyy decided he couldn't live without all of us here at Eternal Serenity and returned home to Thunderhorn. For those of you that don't know Coyy too well he was one of the origional members of Cataclysm, and a founding member of Eternal Serenity. For personal reasons Coyy made the very hard decision to travel accross the server sea's to Aerie Peak and try and make a home there with a new raiding guild. Unfortunately for them he missed us all here at Eternal Serenity and made the decision to move back, along with it come's a bucket load of raid know-how, a warped sense of humor and a"straight-to-the-point" attitude.
  So Coyy on behalf of all of us here at Eternal Serenity and especially the Guild Master and Officer's................



Void Reaver No More!

539361579_Inactive, Feb 11, 08 4:30 PM.
12-02-08 Eternal Serenity Downed Void Reaver!

Eternal Serenity made their mark on The Eye with a fabulous kill on Void Reaver. Trash went smoothly with only a few deaths, spirits were high and players were on top form throughout. We made a few Eternal Serenity adjustments on the way and were soon at Void Reaver, first try was a looksy, second try was a tester and third try he went down with only 24 members present and with literally a second to go as he enraged! People got to grips with the orbs very fast and were constantly ahead of the game, it was a remarkable night, and now Eternal Serenity can safely say they have put their stamp on Tempest Keep. Congratulations to Ethaowan and Gird on the first two to get their Tier 5. Well done everybody, we are so proud of you all.

Lurker Goes Down As Promised!

539361579_Inactive, Jan 17, 08 3:10 PM.
17-01-08 Eternal Serentiy Killed Lurker

We came, we saw, we conquered! The Lurker Below met his doom at the feet of Eternal Serenity.

This was only our second real try at this boss, and the second attempt of the night.  Well done to eveyone present this is truely a turning point for Eternal Serenity, we have shown dedication, skill, and perseverance and it has definately paid off. The raid as a whole ran smoothly and swiftly without any major faults. Congratulations to the loot winners!....Well done everybody!!

Next to meet Eternal Serenity will be Magtheridon, will he suffer the same fate!

Lurker is down!

Ethaowan, Jan 17, 08 3:03 PM.
FINALLY IT HAPPENED!!! Lurker that bitch is down! After a 18 min and 53 sec fight he went from The Lurker Below to The Lewt Below.
People, you did excellent! Keeping the dmg in top through a 19 min battle is a huge performance. He is on farm from now on xD. 
Grats to Nin, Fartman and Namdak on some nice pepix!  
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