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Other Guild News

Gruul dead!...again...

539300036_Inactive, Feb 19, 08 2:54 AM.
I finally got a screen shot! Grats me. Anyways, we ended up with some nice T4 legs for Kryselle and Swiftstab; a tanking shield for Sacrifyce, and a A_Void_Crystal_974313 for the guild bank.

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Leet Hex Lord strats to be found here!

539300036_Inactive, Jan 8, 08 4:41 AM.
So I forgot to take a picture of Hex Lord dead. Oh well, I'll just have to break out my trusty John Madden laser pen of leetness and show you guys just how you kill this dude, it's fairly straight forward...

No alternate text supplied.

Grats Xaran on a dagger, and Ravhinn on healing cloak of spell haste uberty. We've got Zul'jin down to 4%, so stay tuned. Maybe I'll remember to take a picture this time.

An enemy feared by all...

539300036_Inactive, Dec 19, 07 2:53 AM.
Woe is the adventurer who encounters this beast. His total hit points are unknown. He one-shots any tank who crosses his path. BEHOLD!


No alternate text supplied.

In other news, the Talisman Bridge Club (TM) will be holding its' weekly meeting this coming Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. For further information please contact Priska, Ralgore, or Kryselle.

Karazhan, Bear, Eagle, and Dragonhawk down!

539300036_Inactive, Dec 11, 07 2:33 PM.
New Website! Karazhan, Bear, Eagle, and Dragonhawk down!

Now that we've finally gotten settled into our spiffy new website and forums, I decided it was time we posted the over due update to go along with it.

Karazhan is officially our 3rd world loot factory (speaking of the 3rd world, sponsor that little kid in the bottom right corner, why don'tcha~). In addition, we're continuing to progress in Zul'Aman, downing the first 3 bosses thus far.

And now, your obligatory screen shots:

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