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Welcome to Immortal Souls....


Tier 8 Carpentry Items Completed!!!

538735991_Inactive, Jan 7, 08 1:42 PM.
After about 4 hours of non-stop tradeskill writ'ing and crafting, I burned through the last 3 levels to hit 80 in carpentry. I have added the last bunch of pictures to the gallery so take a look when you have a sec!

New Alliance!

538735991_Inactive, Jan 4, 08 8:11 PM.
This is a few weeks late but Immortal Souls has formed a raiding alliance with Forgotten Knights. Lets hope that our combined efforts can benefit both guilds.

Welcome Skull N Bones!!!

538735991_Inactive, Dec 2, 07 11:32 AM.
As of November 30th our Everquest family is getting larger. I would like to welcome Skull N Bones into the Immortal Souls family and I hope the best for our alliance!
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